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Wiki, a purebred pitbull came to us in August of 2014 with 6 of his other siblings....they really livened up the place! Sadly, several others did not survive his previous owners abandonment. But the ones who came to us were a joy and Wiki is at the top of his class. Wiki was ready for his new environment and delved into farm life with all four paws. He was easy to get weight on, gobbled up his meds and treats and was a poster boy for his breed. Flea & worming days were a snap for this good natured boy and he never meets a stranger.

Wiki was all too soon ready for adoption and found his forever home with foster parents Kyle & Tina Kelley -who soon realized they could not give this boy up! BMAR is always happy to have these "failed fosters" when it means the foster parents fall in love with their wards and refuse to give them up.

Kyle Kelley is a Disabled Veteran and the recipient of a purple heart. Suffering from PTSD, Kyle was immediately soothed by Wiki's loving presence. This natural turn of events for Wiki became our pilot program for PTSD service dogs. BMAR will continue this program for qualified paws & their humans....wish us success!

Wiki is a frequent visitor to our feed store and happily greats everyone with wagging tail. He knows exactly where the treat jar is on the counter and what a sucker "grandma" is for his smiling face.

Wiki is scheduled for his neuter program in August of this year. He is also graduating and will need his service dog official package. The costs for these procedures will exceed $400. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, please hit the donate buttons below!