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Kennel 21 "Nueces County" is this his death sentence?

Here's what his post says....




THOR now set to be destroyed.

--- NOW ON EU LIST: apparantly no one wants to commit to a dog thats got issues.




THOR's owners dropped him off at kill shelter with not so nice things to say.

THOR is a handsome, large, pit mix

Previous owner dubbed Thor aggressive with other dogs & people.

HOWEVER, we had a behaviorist on site who interacted with Thor. It appeared that with some attention & proper interaction Thor responded positively. Perhaps Thor has been mistreated his entire life? Tied up? Not socialized? Who knows. We can only guess. But one thing for certain:


Dogs that are not highly adoptable seldom get chosen by rescues.

We need committed rescue to step up NOW. Owner surrendered animals do not have hold time. Thor is already on EU LIST.

Who's stepping up?

Of's us! Barking Mad specializes in giving these dogs a chance. Thor is a victim. BMAR does not believe in killing victims... Could be bad breeding...'cause you just cannot get them to stop doing it. Might be bad ownership...thrown in a back yard with out social interactions...chained up and maybe thrown food to. Teased by idiots. Who knows? The one sure thing is...his owners did not step up to their responsibilities and dumped him off to be killed. Seems to be the way of the world...everything is disposable.

BMAR tagged him. We are arranging transport. It will be tricky. Getting safe transport for an aggressive dog is NOT easy.

1. When he gets here, we will stow him safely into max security and let him decompress. He will be able to see other dogs, but will not have them adjacent to him.

2. He will be allowed into the exercise area -with specialized handlers - and allowed to be a dog. Toys if he wants them. Swim tub if he wants to. Treats if he likes them.

3. When he trusts one of us, when he wants more than being left alone, when his caretakers give the ok....he will be retrained at his own pace.

You can keep up with his journey here. We will post his progress...good and bad.

Make no mistake...this is a dangerous dog. Anywhere else, and he would be euthanized. We are NO-Kill. We are prepared - and you should be too - to keep him for his natural life if we need to. This is what we do. This is what you help us do with your donations. Is he worth saving?? You are going to be his judge and jury with your donation dollars.

Thor's needs:

Tranportation approximately 380 miles. They are in Texas. We are in Texas. Texas is big.

Full Vetting & medical needs.

  He appears to have a skin problem.

  Status is unclear about his neuter, vaccinations, heartworm status.

His lifetime maximum security run with proper housing will cost about $3,000. It will have to be built for him right away. Lifers can not be cage and they cannot exist comfortably in a kennel. He needs a run that is as close to his own yard as we can make it. His house, his toys, his pool, his visitors.

BMAR has a max security 12' X 18' kennel for his arrival. But he can't stay in it. Just long enough to be assessed and have his run built and customized for him. If he ties up our max kennel for too could cost the next urgent rescue their life.

He will need a monthly sponsor for the rest of his life.

Are YOU interested in saving Thor? Fixing an injustice? Donate here to make it happen!

Donate Button let's you enter any amount for a one time donation.

Subscribe button is $25 sponsor every month that will be used only for Thor.