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Who we really are...

Go to the other pages...learn our mission statement, read our credentials, Our good deeds, our hopes, our dreams, our rescue efforts. We fill all of the obligations of a rescue... But read on, this who we really are. This is what we really do.

We are the people who....

Take the dogs that nobody else wants... We don't have cute dogs. We have the dogs that need us. That have no hope. No where to go. The reasons are many. We do not cherry pick...we take whoever needs us and we deal with the reasons when they get here.

We are the ones that crawl into the kennels with them and curl up so they know they are not alone.

We are the ones that hand feed a tortured soul too starved to eat.

We are the ones that hold a broken body down and medicate, causing more pain, but do it for the healing of a soul.

We are the ones that stroke naked, scabbed over leathered hide so that they can feel the human kindness they crave so badly.

We are the ones that brave the snarls, growls, the bites to show them that we care enough to pull them to safety.

We are the ones that cry our tears into lifeless hold them for their last breathes so that they don't go alone.

We are the ones that walk by their sides until their perfect place is found...perfect is the only thing acceptable for our rescued babies.

We are the ones that lose a piece of our hearts everytime one leaves our care....a part of us always goes with them. Always.


Did you know?

BMAR pulls urgent dogs to save them from euthanasia at the last minute.

BMAR takes in strays. Abandoned, Dumped, Highway accidents, Hunting accidents.

BMAR takes medical needs companion animals.

BMAR assists owners in financial distress by paying for urgent vet care, maintenance vet care, spay &            neuters for the elderly, disabled, displaced.

BMAR feeds dogs for hospitalized owners.

BMAR places dogs for deceased owners.

BMAR assists other rescues and owners needing temporary quarters for pets during transport or                  transition.  

Our dogs...and their stories

Maddie.... Transported from a high kill shelter. Abandoned. Had a stroke. Distemper survivor and has chorea. Chorea is a distemper leftover and means quite simply that she twitches...constantly. Moves erratically. The stroke left her partially disabled. She had to be constantly massaged and limbs manually moved to be able to function again. The first few weeks were spent carrying her almost everywhere...especially down steps. She can't focus to hand fed at first. She has re-learned how to eat but still can't focus on a food we monitor & help her. Every day. She now enjoys life here and "lifer" is what she is. She will never leave. She is high mainenance. She is worth every bit of it. She loves life with her sunny disposition. Loves us. Seeks and receives affection from anyone walking by. Her antics cause us much laughter. Maddie is priceless. Maddie would have lost her life...we did not let that happen. We are very proud of Maddie and her accomplishments. And we love her.

PeeWee...10 years life in a crate. I drove to rescue her when owners agreed to release her. I seldom bond personally with dogs...but from the moment I released her she insisted on becoming my personal dog. She just would not take no for an answer. The sunniest personality won me over and she became my constant companion. For two months. One night during movie time and popcorn, I heard her breathing change. It wasn't subtle. Next morning I rushed to her the vet fretting the whole way. He put her on antibiotics. 3 days later, breathing was worse. I flew to a specialist (at my own expense). I watched in horror as the x-rays lighted up the white mass and spindly lines of aggressive cancer. They attempted everything to save her after hearing her story. We strove for two more months my aim being for her to spend the holidays with me. The chemo did not work. I got two weeks. As much as I loved her, I could not bear to see her suffer. She was so stoic, tried so hard to hide her pain. We spent our last weekend doing her favorite things, going for a long sight seeing road trip on her favorite pillow. And then I took her in and held her while she took her last breath...loving me til the end. In the end, she was and will always be my dog. She chose me.

Bronx...Senior fighting pit. Don't know his story. He popped up with nowhere to go after Hurricane Harvey. Malnourished, battle scarred, old, weary. Bad teeth, bad hips, bad skin, bad attitude. Euthanasia headed his way. Intake photo, BMAR photo 6 weeks later. We can't make the battle scars go away. We can't make the fight training go away. What we did: soothed tortured skin, hand fed him until he learned how to eat good food again, introduced him to treats & toys, taught him what a kind hand meant until he began to seek out belly rubs on his own. Created his own safe zone & to keep other dogs safe from him. Took him for long walks in the forest...quiet time, adventure time, just for him and his human. Bronx is a "lifer" and we accepted that fact when we took him. His life is important...once failed by humans, failed no more. Bronx is nearing his end of days. His health required that he be moved from his outside run to a climate controlled inside the office. We fretted that the change in routine would upset him...he was so happy. Silly on our part. He has his human buddies paying constant attention to him and loves his new office life. He once again thrives in comfort and safety.

Cassie...double cherry eye, infected. Neglected, underweight, dejected. Typical unruly bull dog behavior. What we saw...a project waiting to produce a mischieivous imp. And that is exactly what we got. After a month of antibiotics, another month to raise funds for surgery, 2 months of good food & training...we got a bulldog. Irrespressable and a handful. 100# of pure unrestrained bull dog humor. We adopted her out to a fine fellow but unless you are used to bulldogs...well, he had to return her. Cassie is destructive, bossy, and enthusiastic. Cassie can be with other dogs...but she is bossy. If anyone of the dogs growls or barks...she flattens them. I have tried to tell her that's not cool...but you know bulldogs. There is no way to convince her that she is doing anything wrong by making them mind. Cassie is "castle" minded which means if you are the human in her vicinity, you will approaced by nothing...2 legs or 4 legs. Bulldogs can be a challenge. She is fine in public, but private, she is your devoted protector. Probably makes her a lifer too...for public safety!

Rodney here! I have been at BMAR since last July 2018. As you can see, I am still above ground & loving life! See my pic? I am trying to get in the crazy lady's lap...she is always working & I want my lap time before she scrubs out my eyes again...Yuk! But don't worry, they are like this every morning & I really give her what for when she cleans all that goop out and puts that stuff in them. She says we need more meds again and I know what that means! She will load me up in little bit and take me to visit that doctor guy! It seems my eyes are getting worse and she worries. But I can still smell her...she can't get away from me. Last week she took a long time to walk across the parking lot, she was talking to someone and I did not like it. So I came on out anyway but I took the door with me. She really fussed at me for that one but I could tell she didn't mean it cause she was feeling all over me to make sure I was not hurt. I don't see too good so I fell off the stairs with the door on me. Then that repair guy came and he was laughing which made her mad but he was feeling all over me too. She held a grudge over that one for two whole days and put me in time out for about 20 times. But I am back in her good graces cause she has her feet propped up on me talking to that doctor guy. I get to stay under her desk when she is not mad. Something is wrong with my eyes cause they must be getting worse...she wants new meds. And she wants surgery to take those hangy things off...told him I am rubbing them and they bleed. Says she wants it done asap while I am strong. I know she is right cause I feel great and my coat is all shiny now from that special food that she gripes about costing so much and then she puts all that stuff in it. I know I am strong because "I AM RODNEY"

UPDATE: Rodney is now on hospice care...his end of days is near. Thanks to donors...he is living life large. No longer contained, no longer on a regime...Rodney is free to roam the office at will. Every want & whim catered to. We are enjoying our days with this clown..and he is making the most of every day! As long is he is pain free...he will remain free to wart us. We treasure him. We knew he would never leave here....we wanted him anyway.

Audi & Jetta...arrived, well you can see what their issues were. Thin, mange. Ugh. So they were being passed over for their looks and let's face it, nobody wants to pet a mangy dog...well, except us! Proper meds, body oil rubs, good food -all produced winning personalities, big beautiful dogs. Audi has Alopecia and will be with us longer. But Jetta...see pic below is adoptable now!

Eyes right...the new Charity...a lovely brindle big old girl. Loving life, the food bowl, and her new shiny coat! We just love what the new pic says about her!

Beamer. Aged Senior Min Pin...dumped for being too old. He is on hospice care. He is now totally blind. He learned his new routine easily and continues to boss us around. We don't have many smalls, but we never pass up a dog in need. For someone to dump a dog at a high kill shelter over age is unthinkable. From the moment he got here and found a home on a lap, he has been an imp. We wouldn't give up one second of our time with him. He is doing well. We knew he would be here for's ok. He deserves coddling for his final time...he gave a lifetime of loyalty and we will make sure he is loved to the end.

Charity...a picture is worth a thousand words and this one clearly shows why this girl was passed over. No one is interested in a dog in this shape. What is it that makes a human treat a living creature this way? But...we saw her value! Charity is a friendly, winsome girl. We just had to make everyone else see it too! Highly adoptable...this girl is worth a second chance just look at her now!

Doesn't look like the same dog does it? Rescues can do wonders...these dogs are so deserving!

Dahlia...who could resist this smile! But if you look at her intake pic below, well she arrived like the rest. Malnourished, mange, dejected, scared, pitiful. Shaking so bad....what was done to her? Took about 5 minutes to produce a tremulous smile and then on to the road of recovery. Now, Dahlia never meets a stranger! Friendly and outgoing...shades of her past are gone. Loves her best friend Charity (see above) doesn't bother cats. Just the best all around gal you could ever want. We are so proud of her!

Diamond. This girl arrived weary and battle scarred. Her rear leg had been broken (intentional) at least twice. The breaks are bad and located high up. Amputation is a problem due to the location of the last break...high up on the hip. This girl would be a lifer...we never hesitated and made room. Diamond's soul has gradually healed. Her scars are fading...some will be permanent. The leg will shorten her life and we grieve. But ths large girl with the fighting spirit will be with us as long as she needs solace and comfort. Diamond is a fixture sleeping under my desk most of the time. She takes her job as office guard very seriously. I have no worries with my new protector.

Heidie...can you see the beauty to be? We could. Severe neglect is an understatement here...but look at that smile. Her head was so painful...but all she wanted was to be rubbed on, made to feel wanted. We gave her that and more. We were rewarded.

These are the dogs nobody wants...nobody looks at...nobody takes. Expensive, Time Consuming. You bet. But look below!