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Tiger - Epulis Urgent Surgery!

Tiger was abandoned by his owner in his senior years! Too old & medical needs. At a time when senior dogs need their owners the most...they are thrown away. We have been trying to reduce the masses in Tiger's mouth so he could have a more comfortable surgery. We have a strong hold on the infection and have been going the extra mile by hand feeding him in the back of his mouth so he could actually eat. Take a good look at this picture...what appears to be a cute face is anything but. That is a mass of tumors in his mouth - between his gums - overflowing the lips. Can you imagine having to eat like that? The tumors are can no longer wait. He has been scheduled for emergency surgery for June 24th and we have to raise the money by then. It will be extensive mouth surgery...a lot of vascular work. VERY EXPENSIVE and full bloodwork done to boot! Prognosis is very good - but time is of the essence! Please donate to his medical bills!

Kissy - Eye Urgent Surgery

Back in February (freezing cold rainstorm) this senior BLIND girl's owner decided that the thing to do was dump her on the streets to fend for herself. Blind in both you can see the right one was badly infected. Swollen with pus oozing from the sockets, filthy, matted, parasite infected, covered in fleas & was clear that she was not cared for. We call her Kissy, because she is well...kissy faced all the time! It's her way of "seeing" us. We have worked diligently on freeing this tiny poodle body of all the bad stuff and the eye now it is time for the surgery and it is immediately needed. Please donate to Kissy's surgery!