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Sunshine Intake Arrival

Looking Better 3 weeks Later!

Sunshine came to us 11/12/2019 and was clearly neglected. Mange, Skinny, Shy...another abandoned young girl with no future. A volunteer made sure to contact us and set about making Sunshine's life better! She came to BMAR and is on the mend. Eating well, has all her shots and she is heartworm negative. Mange is gone and most of her pretty yellow hair is coming back...she looks so much better! She will have to be maintained on a monthly flea pill for life to make sure it never comes back...she is very sensitive to mites. She is dog friendly and she has learned to trust people and the joys of belly rubs!

Sunshine does not do well with small dogs!

Sunshine was a street stray before being trapped. Always chased away, objects thrown....she wasn't fond of human interaction. Thankfully...she was easily won over by caring hands and good food. Her shyness is gradually leaving and she seeks out a little bit of attention from those she now know, the "treat givers". Sunshine will be an easy add on to a cool family looking for a rescue save!

Sunshine is rescue transfer only until we can get her spayed!

Sunshine could use a sponsor for her stay here. Food, heartworm prevents, flea pill, potty pads, wormer & other supplies mount up! We also need her spay vet funds. PLEASE consider donating for Sunshine!