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These items are tax deductible for you - all proceeds benefit BMAR! 501 (c) 3 Non-profit charity!

Spectra 5 Way Puppy Vaccine


Puppy Collars


Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete - puppy pack


Spectra 10 Way Canine Vaccine


40# Extreme Athlete


Probios 5#


10' Canopy for kennels


10' Petsafe Kennel


Petmate Dogloo Houses




Cool Calories


Diamond Canned Dog Food Case


Reflective Collars


Lead Ropes w/bolt snap


Water Buckets 20 qt


SS Feed Bowls/Pans


Livestock Panels16'


Horse Panels 16'


Comfortis Flea Pills


Bravecto Flea Pills 3 month pill!


This is BMAR's "in-house" store where you can buy items that will be delivered straight to the rescue! BMAR has many needy animals and your purchases here go right to the first dog/cat in line! BMAR will email you a card showing which animal your purchase went to!