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These dogs need SPONSORS! Older & Special Needs dogs costs the rescue about $150 per month more than the adoptible dogs. It's an average and figures in extra bedding, laundry, supplies, special supplements, special foods, monthly prevents and different meds. You don't have to sponsor the whole amount to be helpful...any portion will do! Each senior has a button and you can make a monthly sponsor amount just by clicking the make it monthly option! BMAR has very few sponsors and it's very hard to run a sanctuary/hospice without financial help!

Some of these seniors are adoptible to the right home!  If you love a frosty face...this is the right place! Special consideration is given on a case by case basis. BMAR would love to see these stately dogs in a comfortable place to spend their days. Ask for more info, BMAR continues to take in these loyal seniors... They all have adoption fees but to the right home...we can get donors to cover them or waive them altogether. We just want what is right for these deserving canines.