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Sponsor A Lifer's Stay! You can sponsor your favorite Lifer using this button for any amount you choose! Be sure and comment which lifer you picked!

 The minimum monthly upkeep for 1 Lifer averages $75/month and that is without the needed building & repairs to their maximum security runs. On our sponsor program you can donate monthly what you can afford! $5, $10, any amount! All is needed, all is appreciated! Sponsor amounts will be listed for each of our dogs and we thank you!

There are many reasons these dogs can't leave here. The main reason is they have been failed by humans. Dog fighting. Bait dogs. Fearful. Biters. Terrorized til their souls break. We take them knowing they may never leave. They can't be trusted with the public. Very few adopters can measure up to the knowledge & standards it requires to take one of these lifers. We take them....

Here are some of our needy wards...