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Rescue Transfer Only! Request more info by emailing [email protected] or contact Megan at [email protected] AND of course you can message both of us via our Facebook Biz Pages!

Most of our rescues have sad stories. BMAR takes the dogs that nobody else wants, special needs, medical needs, issues.... We pass up the cute easy ones...they have a chance and every one wants them. BMAR wants to repair the really damaged souls & bodies of the unwanted. We want to make them whole. We want them to know they matter!

The dogs listed on this page are for rescue transfer only! Large Breed savvy rescues with training skills. While BMAR has knocked the bad edges off...they require further handling by experienced dog loving people! These listing will have complete honesty and if you need further details, contact us directly.

Please contact us for more info, intake pics, the whole sad story on these rescue babies. Many of them had a hard life & came in very poor condition. They all deserve a real chance....

Dayton 3 yrs Weimaraner mix

Cruelty Case - Confiscated to keep from getting shot. Powerful boy and he is not for the faint hearted. He is very strong. Dayton has never been inside. Was loose on a ranch type area and mistreated. Barely fed and no interaction. We have found him to be freindly, high energy, dog selective. He ran loose with other dogs in his former home but was beat on pretty bad which has made him difficult to introduce to other dogs. Rescue transfer only. He has a lot of vet work to complete and will update this info. He will take a special handler and needs training. He hasn't had much in the way of a life...are you the one to give him his chance? He is a beautiful dog...well muscled with a satin coat.


Duke 3 1/2 yr old lab/hound mix

Extremely neglected with multiple injuries. Transferred to us from another rescue. He has fear issues...once he knows you he is fine. Rescue transfer only. This is a beautiful dog with trust issues. He is a great prospect for an experienced dog handler. Contact us for more info. if you think you have what it takes to be a dog whisperer...this good looking boy is the one for you!

Some barrier aggression. Ok with neighbors, but new dogs running up are another story!


Delilah 2+ years Pittie

Intake 9/1/19 from kill shelter. Heartworm negative. Very pretty blue terrier. Awaiting spay. can be transferred to rescue . VERY High energy and requires strong hand. Needs leash training. Has been crate trained. Dog selective. Some Barrier aggression.


Bama 4 yr Terrier

This girl was used for breeding, dumped at a shelter and has been neglected. She is up to date on shots, spayed, and hw negative. Needs an experienced owner. She has not been trained or socialized. She is a human attention loving girl but she is very strong. Absolutely NO CATS! She is volunteer favorite!


Ears 4+ yrs

Ears came from Harris County Shelter. He is a fear biter or really a fear nipper. He is scared of people. He is fine with me. I have had him in the house with very small dogs and no problem. But he trusts no one but me. He really need an experienced rescuer. He is neutered. Ask me for more details! Ears lives at my house and I am loathe to let him go! The only reason I am considering it is so he could get his own human to lavish more attention on him than I can. I have so many to tend to it's just not fair to have so little time for him!

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Larry Yellow Lab

This yellow boy was rescued from HCAS and had a few moments in boarding where he decided to terrify his handlers who freaked out. He was sent here as last resort. Have zero ideas why they were terrified...he seriously has had no problems here. But he sees the same handlers day after day so we have nothing to guage him with. I suspect he was just funning with wimps...but because of his little intimidation ploy he is rescue transfer only so he can be socialized with different people!

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Ernie 5yr Terrier

From Big Springs Kill Shelter...Texas is hard on dogs. Medium sized 50+ pounds of handsome boy. Been here since 10/18/2017. Long time to be incarcerated. As handsome as he is, we wonder why. Would be best as an only dog so he can have special attention...he deserves it. Friendly active boy looking for a home.

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Lucy 5 yr Terrier

From Big Springs Kill Shelter....came in with Ernie and they are possibly siblings. Lucy dominated him from the beginning....we finally took pity and separated them! Lucy is one of the most loving human friendly dogs around BUT she would be best as an only dog! We haven't had any problems...but it is because we know better and she is one of the strongest pulling dogs we have had...males included. Lucy is spayed and ready to go. Been here since 10/18/2017 just like her brother. If you want a strong impressive female...Lucy is your girl!

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Suzy Q 3yr Pittie girl

These pics were when she was found...abandoned in an apartment when some POS's moved out and LEFT HER IN HER CRATE! She wasn't found for over 2 weeks and it is a wonder she was even alive! She is a little fatty now and in good shape. She needs to be spayed. Suzy Q is highly dog selective and needs a good firm hand. Leash training is needed but she is not totally out of control. She also is a bit barrier aggressive.


This fully vetted boy is ready to go! Cons: small prey driven, no small dogs, high energy, distrustful of new people. Pros: One big beautiful boy that needs to roam and acts just like an Akita should! Experienced handler and room to roam needed here. You must understand the breed!

Koby 3 yr old.

Ask me for details privately. Koby was TORTURED by a stepdad that should spend the rest of his life in prison. He has made progress BUT there are things you should know. I trust him to be transported by Dani or Becca one else. That said...Koby is a beautiful, well bred German Shepherd.

Happy 3 yr Male Pittie

This is his baby should see him now! Happy is one of the happiest dogs you ever want to meet! He can be with other dogs. So why is this beautiful boy on the rescue transfer list...message me and I will spill the beans along with some updated photos of this big healthy boy! Neutered and will get a proheart!

King from Dallas

King was done wrong by some very bad rescuers in Dallas. Locked up, treated badly, allowed to go wonder he developed an attitude. These are his intake pics. He is so much healthier and nicer now. He trusts people a bit more but still has high barrier aggression to certain dogs. He is fine with his neighbors. He is neutered and will get a proheart shot. He is inside being crate trained and is pretty cool about it. With a little work....he would make a fine companion.

Smokey from Dallas

Same story as King. Abusive rescuers in Dallas that got away with this crap. Locked away, mistreated, Smokey became defensive. Much better now, this boy is ready to be worked with. Neutered. He is barrier aggressive to select dogs. He now likes people. He needs some leash manners...but is pretty smart. Will get a proheart shot. This is a very pretty dog and will make a great companion to the right person. Rescue only.

Traveler 3 yr Neutered

This handsome chocolate boy is not particularly mean or aggressive. He is hyper and needs a firm hand to lead him down the right path. He's a smart boy and needs the right teacher. 

Grayson aka Munch 3 yr Neutered

This boy had a bad start to life. Found in a bent up wire crate thrown in a dumpster with multiple wonder he developed an attitude! He is extremely smart and trainable. He was very protective of his foster mama and when the husband tried to shove him off the bed....well, mama had to be protected at all costs! Needs a firm hand, but gosh...what potential!