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Can you donate to give these

puppies a chance?


Happens all the time! Except this time - WE WERE CLOSED! People that dump litters are sorry excuses for humans...but people that let them get in this shape are even sorrier....and the fact that they just dumped them loose in the parking lot on a busy road...well, I have no words for that.

They were 7, now 6. They are eat up with mange, wormy, flea infested, starving, dehydrated, and freezing.

BMAR promptly vaccinated & wormed them, medicated, flea wiped, and fed and watered. And we scrounged up warm bedding....they were finally resting!

Day 5 - Good News!

Cause sometimes you just feel it!

They are growing like weeds...they will be all fixed up and ready to find a home very shortly! If you are interested in one of these babies...please contact us at 409-457-6495. They will be vet checked and healthy before adoption!

Rescued by Buddy's in New York!