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Most of our rescues have sad stories. BMAR takes the dogs that nobody else wants, special needs, medical needs, issues.... We pass up the cute easy ones...they have a chance and every one wants them. BMAR wants to repair the really damaged souls & bodies of the unwanted. We want to make them whole. We want them to know they matter! 

Woody terrier/lab mix

This 1 year old pup was found tied to a tree! In this heat? Unbelievable. Woody is a very sweet and dog friendly boy. Active and ready to play. Pretty blue & white....ask for more pics! Loves toys & swimming pool!

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This handsome 3 year old has been here a year and we have no idea why! This funny clown is crate trained and awesome! Awaiting some vetting - then can be ready for you! Loves kids.


Forest...5 yr Terrier Mix

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Photos & Bio

Please contact us for more info, intake pics, the whole sad story on these rescue babies. Many of them had a hard life & came in very poor condition. They all deserve a real chance....

LUKE 2+ year old Black Lab

Rhodesian Ridgeback mix...awesome boy!

Ask for details!


AK 7 yr Rottie Mix Boy

Not available. Transferred to Senior status Neutered Male rottie mix. This dog was pulled by another rescue that wouldn't keep him due to poor medical condition, This boy was sick. BMAR nursed him back to health, put weight on him, he has a great attitude and is ready for a foster to show him the ropes. He is neutered, utd on vaccinations but is hw+. He probably has never been an inside dog, never socialized, never cared for. Despite all this, he is people friendly and can be with other dogs with supervision and good introduction,



This Senior boy may be available later....he is very special! Consider sponsoring our seniors by donating!

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Brownie 2 yr Boxer mix Girl

Brownie came to us 7/17/2019 from Harris County with a badly broken leg. We fixed her up...and she is good as new! At 50#, she's a people loving handful. Brownie is dog selective but makes friends easily with proper introductions. She shows no interest in the barn cats when they are laying about, but if they run...well, boxers love to chase small, fleeing animals so use caution. We suspect that Brownie lived her whole life outside. Medium energy...she is ready for a savvy foster to teach her the ropes!

UTD on shots, hw neg and spayed, this is a beautiful bob tailed girl and ready for family life! We really need sponsors for their stay here or you can donate below!


Roscoe 3 yrs 1/2 rottie & 1/2 pittie

This boy is a big guy! knocking on 100# he is for big dog lovers only! Strong and needs some leash manners. That said, with slow intro he has been able to run with my pack. With some work from a really savvy adopter....this could be one fine companion! He is waiting on his vetting and then will be available!


Bonded Pair

Can be separated! Must have experienced handler. These two were never socialized. They both have had professional training. But adopter needs to be experienced with these young dogs.


Saint still a pupper!

Abandoned at house with mom and sister...this dog friendly boy was shy at first but no more! He is friendly little mite and willing to learn! The joys of treats and toys have won this lively boy completely over. He just might be your special friend too!


Chico I... 2 yr English Bull Dog NOT AVAILABLE

This fine boy came to stay with us and is now ready for a home. He is a nuetered male, hw-, and utd on shots. He is a very friendly boy but he was sent to us because of issues that we have never encountered. He needs an all female home...he is not cool with men..... Contact us for complete info and videos so we can see if he is a good fit for you!


Chase...7 yr German Shepherd

Chase was abandoned and came in with her half grown pup with a severely broken leg that had to be amputated. She would not leave her injured pup behind and both were in very bad shape! Skinny, hair falling out...that little pitiful leg on that pup with anxious mom trying to protect him... The pup was fixed and found a home right away. Chase is constantly looked over. She is rescue transfer only... when she is spayed we will consider adoption. She will be tested for hw. She has some cosmetic issues because she was simply bred to darn much. But to us she is a beautiful sable, sweet girl! She is not aggressive and would make a great pet. Contact us for the full pitiful story and more pics.


Clyde.. 2 yrs Black Mouth Cur

Clyde was dumped off as a puppy and has grown up here...sad! He always should have had a home to love him. He is neutered, utd on shots, but he is hw+ and requires long term treatment or fast kill. About 50# he is an active young boy. Clyde is currently housed with a pittie play mate. He is dog & people friendly! Handsome all around boy ready to play!


Dahlia II 5 yr Lab Mix

Bella was abandoned too! And with her pups...see Dolby above! She stood by their side and made sure they were safe. Bella is a sweetie pie and like all collie mixes is very smart! This beauty is ready to be a family dog.


Fawna 3 yr Lab/Terrier Mix

This pretty little girl is from Kendra's Kanines....she came to us starving...and has never missed a meal since. Fawna is very friendly and ready to go to a foster for one on one inside loving! Probably better if she is only dog...she has shown no aggression here but we have no idea what her life was prior to the shelter! Very people friendly! Young girl with lots of life left to give to a new family!


Bonded girls!

Have no idea why they clipped this fine boys ears! Was it to make him look mean? 'Cause he isn't! This sweet boy was picked up as a stray by a kill shelter and was in really bad shape, infections everywhere, emaciated, loaded with name it, he had it and of course, heartworm Positive. He has been treated for all his infections, put his weight back on and is a fine handsome boy! We had him neutered. He will need heartworm treatment. Message us for before and after pictures!



Rascal is a big, playful boy. He can be with a playmate and he needs a home. Rascal has been at the rescue over 2 years. He was picked up as a stray in South Texas and scheduled to be euthanized as his time ran out. Such a good boy deserved a better fate! Obviously a dalmation mix...he is very striking with his blue eyes and smiling face. Rascal has been neutered but sadly he is heartworm positive. He has been started on the slow kill method but will have to continue it for many months so that he can be safe. Rascal is a fine boy to add to any family fun! Rascal is between 3 & 4 years old...just perfect!



Big & Bodacious! That's our Bandit...named because he stole our hearts right away! Bandit was a stray destined to die in a South Texas shelter..High kill shelters are the normal thing in Texas and they are awful! But BMAR could not let that happen to this big beauty! Pointer mix, smart, active and awesome! Bandit is heartworm positive and is intact. He cannot be adopted out until fully vetted. He can be transferred to another rescue where he will have a good chance at getting a new home! Bandit has been here over two years...he really needs out. Rescue runs are no life for a really big dog like Bandit. Pass the word...Bandit needs a home!


Alice 3 yr Rottie/Lab Mix

Taken in by another rescue, fostered with a bad foster and when they split, left the girl in limbo. She is only 35# and a really cute little girl. She is friendly and needs fattening up. We are treating her heartworms now and she has already been spayed.



Ask for details!




Blossom 7 yr old Terrier Mix

Blossom is a beauty from a South Texas High Kill Shelter where she had no chance of survival. Blossom has been with us 2 years. She has been spayed and is up to date on vaccinations. She has lived outside her whole life. Not particularly dog aggressive and shows no sign of barrier aggression or food aggression. She needs to be worked with but is very smart and friendly. With a slow intro and lot's of attention...she would be a great family dog. Classified as a senior. Active but not hyper. A compact beauty of medium size: 50#


Blueboy 6 year Terrier Mix

Blue has been here 4 years. Blue is a large dog, a big, tall boy and is probably the only reason he is still here. He came from one of the worst high kill shelters in South Texas and we barely got him out in time. Abused, such a young age and he has spent most of his life here. He is a pleasant friendly boy and could really benefit with the right foster to guide him along the way..............UPDATE: Neutered March 2020 and heartworm negative. all vaccines updated..................................................


Blue Belle 5 years Terrier Mix

Blue Belle came from Big Springs Shelter...very high kill way back in 2017. She has a blind eye...message me for more pics! She would be best as an only dog and does have mild dog aggression issues. She could be worked with if you are experienced handler. Despite her blind eye, she is active and loves attention. Blue Belle has been here so long...are you the one to give her a home? Give her a life? ..................................................................................................................................................


Bluemoon 5 yr Staffie mix.

Bluemoon has been he 2 years! Destined to die in a high kill shelter...she has never had a chance. She is a good girl but is heartworm positive. Bluemoon has a few good months left...she needs someone to love on her. After 2 years...don't you think so too! She can be with other dogs after a slow intro. She used to be housed with Butterbean and no problems. This pretty girl is a real winner....

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Atticus 5 year staffie mix not available

Heartworm positive. Slow kill method started. Dog selective with males if they jump on him. We used to have him run loose with the pack...but one bad apple spoiled it. He is lively, friendly, loves attention. Treats and toys a must. Crate trained. Very picky who he goes to!

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Butterbean 3 yr terrier mix

Butterbean was snatched from a high kill South Texas shelter in the nick of time! But she has been here 2 years...and we need to find her a home. Can be with other dogs with a slow intro. Very pretty girl with lots of love to give. Butterbean has lived her whole life outside and was bred at a young age before she was dumped! Butterbean is heartworm positive and we will provide a month of slow kill meds - ask us how to do it!

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Cardi 4 yr old terrier mix

Cardi it one of the happiest & people friendly girls I have ever met. But she is not dog friendly and absolutely no cats! Cardi would be best as an only dog. She is up to date on vaccinations, spayed & heartworm negative. Cardi has been here 2 years...time for this pretty girl to have a home! Cardi came from a kill shelter. Little is known about her except that she was skinny and not cared for. Time for Cardi to be loved!

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Pearl and her entire family was dumped on a dirt fend for themselves. Skinny, mange, flea infested...the one thing that couldn't be dampened was her unsinkable spirit!! Ready to come to your family and be your forever girl! So friendly. 

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Petal and her entire family was dumped on a dirt fend for themselves. Skinny, mange, flea infested...the one thing that couldn't be dampened was her unsinkable spirit!! Ready to come to your family and be your forever girl! Lively & friendly!

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Chewy 2 yr male

Ask for details on this puppy!

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Cissy 4 yr Terrier Mix

This girl was a cruelty case. Chained to a house having litters...she was so thin she could barely walk. She's a beauty now! up to date on vaccinations, hw neg, and spayed...she is a friendly girl! And she's available to be your family member!

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Cyrus 4 yr Terrier Mix

From a South Texas kill shelter and out of time...but snagged by our transporter! Neglected, abused...but came in grinning! Does he pique your interest? Contact us to see what this guy looks like now! Cyrus needs to be an only dog. If you are savvy...he can be with other dogs but we feel he would be best as an only dog and he would be the best companion anybody could be want!

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Dahlia 5 year old active girl

From Harris County...came in not to great a shape...but she was eager to play & get better. She is hw+ and she needs a home...we will put her on slow kill program....very easy to keep up. She will be good as new! Want to see her before and after pics? Just let us know!

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Daisey Mae 2 yr old terrier

From a kill shelter...not much time....thin & neglected. But look at her now! This is a dog & human friendly girl. Energetic during playtime with her companions and then ready for a cuddle and a sleep over! Spayed, utd, hw- and ready to go!

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Just might be one of those seniors that is too active for you! Ask for details

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Dakota 4 yrs old terrier

Dakota...out of time at Harris County Kill shelter. This beautiful girl..doomed. BMAR took her in...she has all her shots and awaits spaying. Then ready to go! She is heartworm positive and will be started on slow kill program. Contact us for info on this beauty!...

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Ears 4+ yrs

Ears came from Harris County Shelter. He is a fear biter or really a fear nipper. He is scared of people. He is fine with me. I have had him in the house with very small dogs and no problem. But he trusts no one but me. He really need an experienced rescuer. He is neutered. Ask me for more details!

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Heartworm Positive...started on slow kill treatment 6/15/20 & is now ready for her pro heart shot. Spayed. She was abandoned and treated badly. Arrived in very poor shape. She is quiet, low key and likes attention after she learns she will not be hurt. Would take a very special adopter for her. Let us know if that is you. Left is intake...right is now! Very happily mended and is all smiley now!

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Dumped by another rescue... Elsa wound up at Sapphire Story's Boarding for over a year...unpaid. They contacted me and I took her. My notes from Sapphire say: doesn't chase cats (but I believe she gave a run at our barn cats) and is dog friendly. However we had a very aggressive dog dumped over our fence one morning and when she was out for her walk that dog ran up and really beat the crap out of her. Was serious injuries. She does have some mild barrier aggression out of it. She is very people and kid friendly. Very pretty in person. She is spayed, hw neg and will have to be updated on her shots pretty soon.


Alex 11 yrs Senior

Alex came to us for hospice care...everyone sure that he wouldn't make it. He fooled them all and is a very big boy! We hope to get a few more years out of him. Not available for adoption due to trust issues. He is a very large dog and could be fierce. He seems to love us, but is very wary of strangers. @ 100+ pounds...we will just keep guarding him from harm!

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Beethoven 3 yr St Bernard mix

heartworm positive. Neutered. Houston street dog. High anxiety problems. Cannot be contained. Busts/climbs/digs/jumps over any fence or obstacle. Tears out walls of houses, destroys garage doors. When his rescuer had no place for him to go, she slept in her car with him...his fosters, his adopters all wanted him gone! Will probably be here for life. We made a solution for him and he is now a farm no containment. He is smart, friendly and a an absolute joy.


Bella Pittie girl

Heartworm positive, severely abused. Very sick on intake. She made it & has gained weight. Has issues, Highly dog selective. In training. Not available yet. She is very human friendly but cannot be trusted with everybody and no other animals. Suspected fight ring recovery dog.

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Bree 9 years Cancer

9 yr senior. Cancer survivor. Very protective of "her person" and should be an only dog. Cancer may come back. So best if Bree goes to permanent foster. Rescue will help with future medical bills. Now that is all the "iffy" stuff. The good stuff is Bree is a wonderful loving girl that becomes attached to a human showing her kindness. She wants to protect that human from all other dogs. She is smart, funny, and kind. She is crate trained, loves to cuddle and just a wonderful senior girl. Would be fantastic for someone to love her back.

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Buddy adult

has shots...scheduled for neuter. German Shepherd Mix. His owner was deployed and couldn't find a home quick enough for Buddy so he had to come here. Buddy is a great dog. Friendly, crate trained, big old cool dog. He deserves a great home!

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Chomp 3 yrs staffy mix

No cats. No dogs. A bit selective and should be only dog in home. Scheduled for neuter. Heartworm positive...started treatment & will come with 6 month proheart shot! Enough with the cons...this is the human friendliest boy! Active, not hyper. Fun and likes his treats and toys. Pretty smart and could be easily trained. Have no idea why this beautiful boy wound up at a kill shelter....he is just great!

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Another fine young dog! Ask for details

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Picked up in the middle of a storm... Older gal that has had litter after litter and very little care. She is personable, sweet, dog & people friendly. Kid friendly and doesn't chase the cats. Fully vetted...spayed, hw neg, all vaccinations and ready for her new family! She is funny and loves attention. Crate trained. Very affectionate girl!

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Chase GSD

ask for details

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PENDING........Mason 2 years Terrier Mix 60#

This happy, happy boy was dumped off down a dirt road with his litter mates as a tiny puppy. He has grown up here at the facility and that is just NOT fair! He is neutered, hw neg, utd on all vaccines. No bad habits. Friendly boy but really needs a family...needs someone to love on. Nero's brother, Crispy's son.

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Nero 2 years Terrier Mix 70#

This happy, happy boy was dumped off down a dirt road with his litter mates as a tiny puppy. He has grown up here at the facility and that is just NOT fair! He is neutered, hw neg, utd on all vaccines. No bad habits. Friendly boy but really needs a family...needs someone to love on. Mason's brother, Crispy's son.

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Ernie 5yr Terrier

From Big Springs Kill Shelter...Texas is hard on dogs. Medium sized 50+ pounds of handsome boy. Been here since 10/18/2017. Long time to be incarcerated. As handsome as he is, we wonder why. Would be best as an only dog so he can have special attention...he deserves it. Friendly active boy looking for a home.

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Lucy 5 yr Terrier

From Big Springs Kill Shelter....came in with Ernie and they are possibly siblings. Lucy dominated him from the beginning....we finally took pity and separated them! Lucy is one of the most loving human friendly dogs around BUT she would be best as an only dog! We haven't had any problems...but it is because we know better and she is one of the strongest pulling dogs we have had...males included. Lucy is spayed and ready to go. Been here since 10/18/2017 just like her brother. If you want a strong impressive female...Lucy is your girl!

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Tessa 2 years lab/shep mix

This youngster has had a rocky start...rescued twice now...she is off to be fully vetted and then will be available to the perfect home! High prey drive so zero cats and zero small dogs is the key to her perfect home. She is funny, sweet, & way to smart for her britches! If you have what it takes to be her human...let us know!

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Caspian 2 yr Blue Pittie boy

Abandoned and wound up on the kill list! Nicked away, held in limbo and wound up here! Zero vetting, zero care, zero hope. Beautiful blue male, young enough to be shy, trusting enough to be coaxed thru scary situations. Doesn't like adult males...but neutering will take the edge off. Can be with adult females. Smart boy...can be easily trained. Crate trained. Likes to ride.

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ADOPTED Tator & Tot 18 months

Wonder who let two fine little bully mixes wind up on death row? They are bonded siblings...we can split them but really hate to do that. Little tot is about half the size of her brother. People friendly, dog friendly...medium energy that you would expect from youngsters. Just ready for a home!

Dudley 4+ years

60# bundle of, dog, kid friendly! But he is a jumper and must be watched. Potty trained. Rides well in vehicle. He is shy...he needs to trust a person...needs special attention. Scared of everything. You must really go the extra mile for him. Been here 3 years and we trust him with our seniors, big or little. Came from high kill shelter in Big Springs at the 11th hour! He can stay here forever...but if someone wanted to love on him....he deserves it! He is not in a rescue kennel. He runs loose in the senior area and hangs out on my front porch and in my house!

Pending......Sponsor their stay @ BMAR

For more info: [email protected]

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Inake Nov 2021

Aleze is a senior from Beeville that was on the "kill" list. With no options, BMAR was asked to help!  She has zero vetting and we are tending to that issue.  Once treated for heartworms and fully vetted....we would love to see in a home...reach out to us if you are interesed in providing sanctuary for this wonderful senior soul!

Anabel Walsh

1 year female

Intake 11/15/21. Anabels owner was in an accident and sadly passed away. We are updating her vetting and retraining this very scared girl and she will  be available.


Here for life!

Gigi has behaviour issues and has entered our forever safe program. Only an experienced dog handler would be considered for this beauty!

Ben 2021

A Work In Progress

Blue Belle

Long term resident


Available Senior


In training & awaiting vetting

Blackie Iake Oct 2021

2 yr old & fully vetted

Bob Tail Intake Nov 2020

Feral in progress

Blusie & Beanie

Bonded Pair

This bonded pair are awaiting spays! They will be available soon!

Redeye Senior

Being Treated for Heartworms


Awaiting Spay & Heartworm Treatment

Boo aka Brutus

This senior is in Sanctuary

This very senior boy's owner passed away several years back. Due to aggression issues and medical issues....Boo remains in sanctuary. He needs a sponsor....please contact us for details!