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Jaxxon was rescued by our good friend in Houston. LeeAnn has a thing for Jack Russel's and just knew this guy could be saved. Jaxxon was with a friend of LeeAnn's for a little while...but he has a "bitey" problem so a new solution had to be found. That was us!

Approximately 2 years old, Jaxxon spent his life in a fenced in backyard and had little to zero socialization and/or interaction with humans. With no rules, it led to Jaxxon's problems and he was turned into a shelter...probably a kill shelter. LeeAnn to the rescue and now he is with Barking Mad!

He has had a thorough check up and is ready for rehab. He is flea free (Comfortis), wormed, chipped & vaccinated.

He has a least one and maybe two abscessed teeth. He is scheduled for dental surgery on the 23rd of June. This is probably why he bites when his face is touched. He also has an abscessed sore on his front foot...touch that at your own peril! We had to really put the law down to be able to drain that abscess and medicate it. Antibiotics are not a problem...just put them in anything edible and he goes for it. Whew, I was not looking forward to shoving those pills down that bitey throat!

Anyone willing to help pay for Jaxxon's stay? He needs a donation for his flea pill, wormer, & special food, as well as his upcoming surgery. He will be here for quite a while...we have to make sure that he is completely "bite" free before he finds his forever family!

Can you sponsor Jaxxon's stay? Your sponsorship will insure that he gets all he needs and you can do a partial subscription for as low as $25 per month! Full sponsorship is $100.

Subscription Options

Intake        June 2017

Breed:                           Jack Russel

Sex:                              male

Breeding:                      Neutered

Location:                       Main Farm

Description:                 Chipped, White and Brown

Jaxxon's Arrival

From Houston to Hemphill - Long Car Ride!

A Plea for Help...

He bites! I need to place him by Wednesday (3 days) or he will be euthanized. BMAR can take him...we will work with him. Jaxxon will be in our second chance program. Might take awhile, but we will fix him!

Had to stay in quarantine...

the first few days. We took the time to get to know him. Let him settle down. Lots of treats and praise. He got comfy with us real fast and us with him. He was handled by every volunteer on the place at any given time. He was up to the task and we didn't have any problems. He did give us grief over the owies...but we have been bit by the best and he soon realized we could not be intimidated by his bites.

Quarantine Over...Ready for the ride!

Loaded up

The Farm!

Jaxxon's tooth surgery!

Jaxxon had his teeth fixed. That should be the last of his medical issues. After recovery time we will start on some socialization. He is very smart...we have high hopes for this good looking fellow

Jaxxon's new friends! He's fine with the Pit & the Hound....both boys!