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Jake's Journey.....

It started with this pic on a Facebook post and a plea for an urgent dog from a dedicated group of rescue dog lovers....

Teresa Tucker

Christina D Barletta

Ileana Kistler

Amanda Vought

Which culprit tagged me? Doubt they will admit it...but I am betting on Tessie.

AND after all the meds, treatments, paperwork, visits, fundraising & pledges...100's of fb posts, phone calls , anxiety attacks.......

It led to this!

Texas! Here I Come...Make Way for Jake the Two Stepper!

But first, had to take care of a little business..

A word here... Wheels for Paws is awesome. The transporter drove through terrible weather across 4 states to get Jake to us safely and right into a Texas Tornado watch. He called us to tell us he would be late and was very courteous. He also was very caring. Fed Jake a little as soon as he got here -let him take care of a little business first (see above) and then put him right back in with a little kibble -which Jake scarfed up! Made a point of telling us that Jake hadn't drank any water on the whole journey. He had to give Jake a big hug before he left and teared up a little. I don't know what it takes to be transporter...but this guy had it all. Great driver, I hope everyone, everywhere spreads the word about them.

Jake's Meet & Greet!

He's a big hit & loves everybody!

Jake's a beggar! I knew he shouldn't have that hedgehog...but he wanted it so bad! With a watchful eye, standing guard to remove the damage, it took him 90 seconds to destroy it! I had to act quick and bribe him with a rib bone and take his toy to safety! He spent about an hour at the adoption center before his ride picked him up to go to the farm. We are letting him settle in for a few days. He will then be evaluated for a potential service dog. We are all very optimistic about his chances. If he passes the tests in the next two weeks, he will remain with us for a year or so and then be donated to a wounded warrior when he is ready and we can find the right match. Maximus has already passed his eval and we hope to make Jake his partner in training....will keep you posted on these two rescues as they progress. Stay tuned for farm pictures coming soon!

Farm life...

Jake loves romp time....