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The Wrath of Water.....

You were by yourself...why didn't you leave? See above photo...THAT'S WHY I DID NOT LEAVE!

It started raining...

We knew the rains were coming...I started trenching, I know what floods and what doesn't (I thought). I picked the wrong time to lose 40#...I needed that extra weight on the end of that shovel.

I started rigging pens everywhere and with anything I had. That's Jaxxon my biting Jack Russel Terrier saved from EU. I can take a little biting to save a life. Hi Jaxxon! He thinks I am dumb with this pen stuff.

Rigged up pens for the small dogs to be close to the house. I have blind dogs, deaf, dogs, geriatric dogs...

Why is the floor so wet mom? Why is it staying wet mom?

Why can't we go outside mom?

The Rains Did Not Stop.... I worked round the the dark...with a flashlight...I forgot about sleep...I was losing the battle.

We took cow panels and rigged temporary pens...but they started taking on water too.

Temp pens starting to flood.

something warm to drink. I was only gone 30 minutes...this is what I came back out to see. I couldn't 

believe my flashlight! When the water's fast! So I started moving dogs again.

I moved some to the barn...started using the stalls and rigged up some pens. I was so tired. It was night. I went into dry off and get 

Temp pen I built of the barn...didn't work

To the left is a temp pen built of the barn...

After pumping....what a mess!

Moved some to the vet room...rigged some pens....

Cassie...I ain't treading water!

........................................................... ......Turtle Habitat gone!

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Temp pen in back of vet building

Nasa...what the heck mom?

Cattery... Cats don't like water

The aftermath...ruined runs

Where's the Concrete

Even the well house was not spared. Had an electrical shock and the roof is gone! Yuk!

Had to remove the debris from the roofs

Where's the Gravel?

After pumping

Not Structure Sound

Will have to be torn down and re-done

Even the chicken coops were not spared


Where's the concrete?.

I wasn't leaving.... I did not lose one dog or cat. There are many more photos and videos. I did not take them at the time it was the worst because I was saving my animals. But you needed to see what a rescuer I took them when I could.

90% of our donors were my old pals from Houston....

Harvey wiped Houston out. They lost their homes, their businesses... I lost my donors. Will I lose the rescue too?

You can donate any amount using this button if you want to help rebuild this rescue!

Estimates so far: $57,000+ to repair or $65,000+ to build new. And these prices keep changing every time someone comes out. All the labor it seems has gone south for the big bucks. Materials are sky rocketing. WOW!

Not one of the big organizations has accepted my grant requests. Not one. They don't service rural America it seems. But I keep applying.

Fema only helps homeowners....not businesses. Told me to contact the SBA for a loan...I do have collateral in some paid for commercial buildings. But they told me to fill out the paperwork and it would take a year or so. Who saves dogs here in the meantime?

I am struggling and there is no question about it. Undaunted, I have dried out, made comfortable every dog on the place. I am beside myself at the size of my vet bills. But I will continue to rescue dogs. And cats. And horses....well, just anything that needs help.

Keep coming back to this page...I am going to post some pretty incredible people that came to rescue this rescue. You need to see these rescue angels. Have I got a story to tell you!