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Follow Hopes Journey....

Hope's Journey began as a dumped stray! Our assumption is (from her condition & we do deal with this often) is that Hope was crated her entire life for the purpose of breeding (probably fighters from her conformation). She was overbred...that's obvious. Crated the entire be the judge. Feces ingrained into her feet and skin. Urine burns so bad she has callouses and covered in urine blisters. Hunched down, afraid to come out...her crate, any crate was all she knew. Maybe she only knew safety in a crate. Have you seen the way "they" strap the females down to breed? Sickening! Knock them around. Drag them like carcasses.

Never provided even basic care.

These are her intake photos. Hope is still in the transport crate. Took us awhile to tease her out of the crate. She was very dejected, very unsure, in a new place. Scared. Can you imagie?

Poor Hope, she knew only to expect more of the same.

You can support Hope's Journey with wonderful products designed just for Hope. Several styles are in the store and more will be added as Hope progresses. Hope's journey will be a long one. We invite you to join Hope's Team! 100% of the profit goes to Hope's care and needs. The Hope Program is active now!