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AK..7 years old

This 7 year old boy named AK was pulled by another rescue from HCAS, they collected the pledges & donations. That rescue didn't keep him because of medical needs and what they deemed as behavior issues. BMAR intake notes have AK as "upset, growly, reactive to humans". Ak was heartworm positive, very thin, eyes infected, and very bad kennel cough...and this was how we received him. He was slightly better than his release from HCAS..but very ill and cantankerous. I have no direct knowledge of the original's rescues reasons for not keeping their commitment to AK...I just have the notes jotted on his intake form 07/22/2019

I think you can draw your own conclusions from these 2 photos....the left is intake photo, the right was taken 5/6/2020 at BMAR.

Today AK is over 90#, no infections and has been on slow kill heartworm program to which he has responded well. AK never meets a stranger. Our biggest problem is trying to impress upon him the need to not jump his huge self on humans looking for attention. He likes toys, treats, and play time. Everyone of his handlers & volunteers laugh about his friendly nature!  


Atticus is listed as a 5 year old pittie... Intake from HCAS on 5/8/2018. Atticus was high heartworm positive and intake from HCAS listed him as dog selective.

Atticus also has congestive heart failure which the HCAS vets failed to note.

Dog selective? Don't know why he has that label. He runs with the BMAR pack of pitties and is often loose in the office to greet people.

When a dog is mislabeled either by mistake or by untrained personnel, it can spell doom for the animal. Dogs with these types of labels are often euthanized.

His medical condition scares off adopters. That's ok, he has been moved to sanctuary status here and is a much beloved favorite of all of us. He is extremely photogenic and has packed on a few pounds. We use his photo a lot on our events and he has his own t-shirt! 

Audi & Jetta... Intake 07/08/2018

Audi and Jetta...transport in. They were so tired after the chaos of the shelter...all they wanted was sleep and a place to be wanted! Transport Pic says it all. Jetta had a bad case of the mange and Audi has Alopecia...two different skin conditions, same ugly mess. One curable, the other not.

Two friendly babies...they came in bonded...they need to leave together as a bonded pair. Makes it difficult to find the right home. They are potty trained for inside and crate trained. They do well with other dogs during outside play time. Jetta shows no ill effects from her mange of 2 years ago. Audi has Alopecia...his mange is gone but he will never get his hair back, it is not contagious.

Heide Intake 7/22/18

Intake photo from Harris County. Transferred to BMAR 7/19/18. I think the photo says it all. Heartworm positive female pitbull in awful condition. 2nd BMAR after treatment. Heide often goes with us to events...she is a good traveler and a good spokesdog for BMAR.


Intake from Harris County 7/19/18, Charity's HCAS intake photo says it all. In addition to emaciation, total hair loss she was high heartworm positive. We have her intake weight listed at 49#. Today Charity wieghs a whopping 110# and has all her beautiful brindle coat back. An exceedingly friendly dog, Charity is used to babysit the very elderly and sickly dogs giving them comfort in their senior years and final days. She has a huge bed that she happily shares with a senior dog to aid & comfort them.


Hope...Intake from HCAS 3/29/19. She may not have been in the worst shape of any dog I have received from HCAS...but she was the saddest. Completely shut down and scared out of her mind. Andrea transported her to BMAR...we owe her a lot. Kind of had to crawl in the crate with her to get her out. Very sad. BMAR went to work on this baby and posted her entire journed on fb...she had a large following and even has her own t-shirt & tote line. That 2nd set of photos was 6 weeks later...if you do what you are supposed to every single can work miracles. Hope is very playful now...still shy around new people but she is a lovely mannered girl. We are so hopeful she will find her forever home with just the right person who will see she is never kicked around again!

Oso Intake 8/18/18

Oso was shipped to us from HCAS with full blow distemper. You think their vets on staff did not know that Oso had distemper? Or that there was a distemper outbreak at the shelter --was that a cover up? They sure were not telling anyone. Of course my vet told us to put him down...wasn't much hope. Fortunately we have a quarantine area here and all other dogs are vaccinated in a timely manner. So we rolled up our sleeves...said "Oh HELL NO" and went to work saving this baby! It worked and weeks later...he was back to his rowdy self. I am not advising anyone to do is very hard work with round the clock care and mind boggling quarantine procedures. But no one else got it, and he survived. He is a little Jack Russel mix and has all of their bad traits and the good ones! Unfortunately the side effects of bad distemper is a neurological disorder called Chorea...and he has a bad case of it. Pretty much makes him unadoptable. The constant uncontrollable movements and that JRT trait of liking only certain humans meant he was transferred to sanctuary. That's ok...I love special needs dogs with attitude. As you can see, he likes it here and is doing well!