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In 2019 BMAR applied to the Hansen Foundation for a grant to continue a special program. BMAR feeds community dogs for the disabled & elderly residents who need a little help to keep their beloved family pets fed and vetted. Sabine County is an economically depressed area and people have few resources available to help them and zero resources for their pets.

We allow $500 per month for this program and for the last 3 years, the need has far exceeded our budget. Emergency vet bills, annual vet bills for vaccinations, and the rising kibble costs has strained our resources. Diminishing donations crippled our rescue's ability to keep this program viable.

The Hansen Foundation granted us $2500 in November to continue our program for 5 more months. December 2019 & January 2020 saw a marked increase in requests for assistance and we were only able to continue the program due to the Hansen Foundation's Grant.

We want to thank the Hansen Family for their generosity. Without their assistance, so many pets would have perished that needed emergency vet work. And our thanks for all the full bellies for the beloved pets of our elderly participants.

We will be adding pictures of the dogs & cats helped to this page...and we have will continue the program for pets in need through April 2020 thanks to the Hansen Fondation Grant!

These 6 dogs belong to Mark...a Sabine County resident., Mark is in hospice and won't be coming back. These dogs are all he worries about and all that he had. They were not socialized...and know only Mark. We have been feeding and caring for them for months but still can not get close to them. The land & house will eventually be sold...we have to relocate them. This will take a monumental effort and thousands of dollars. BMAR is working on it...we need help. BMAR tries to make sure that deceased and disabled owners dogs are relocated and have happy endings. For December, January, & February....their feed has been covered by the Hanson Foundation Grant. We thank them for making this possible.

This is Joey and he had a severe infection for days. Joey stopped eating and drinking and it was very clear that he would pass without intervention. His owner can not afford vetting. BMAR stepped up to help Joey. We are very happy to report that Joey is now his old self! The Hansen Grant is responsible for Joey's well being! BMAR cannot help without funding...we are grateful.

Puppers helped along the and vaccines....just keeping them alive!

There are many recipients alive and well because of this grant...we will be adding to the story.

Red belongs to Katelyn & her fledgling rescue. They knew he was sick and just did not have the funds to treat him! They reached out for help and vet funds were found. Thank goodness...Red would have died with the severe heartworm infection that was making him ill. Treated and on the road to recovery! Katelyn will see that Red gets a chance at being a healthy boy and finding his forever home!

Monica & her daughter fell on hard times. A single parent that lost her job and was evicted...along with the family's 3 dogs! Unable to find any local rescue or agency to help, they contacted BMAR and of course we help people keep their pets. So they made the 550 mile trip from Del Rio to Hemphill. BMAR kept their 3 beloved pets for the time it took this family to get a new job and find a new place to live! Without the support of this BMAR program...this would have been a very sad ending!

Meet Bella! Bella is loved by Ms. Betty. Bella developed a massive lump on her tummy that scared Ms. Betty...rightfully so! But Ms. Betty is on a fixed income and did not have the funds Bella needed. Thanks to the Hansen Grant...we were able to get Bella seen to and she will stay with Ms Betty for many more years of companionship! HAPPY ENDINGS!

Sally needed help to bring her back to old chipper self. Ms. Mary contacted BMAR for help to get Sally fixed up. Thanks to our Community help program funded by the Hansen Grant.... Sally is all fixed up and comfortable now! Have a good life Sally!

Diesel's mom got thrown out of her house. His only option was to be surrendered to a very high kill shelter. Owner surrenders are the first to be killed for space...they have no hold time. And Diesel is a pitbull...a dog with a stigma. People don't stop to think that he is a handraised baby and used to spending his days cuddled on the couch with his mom. They just see a big dog with the label pitbull. So a networking friend asked us for help...and we were happy to be of service. Diesel arrived here January 7, 2020 and will be with us until May. His mama is busy getting a new place to live where Diesel can once again join his family. Grants like these help BMAR be of service to regular members of our society who just fall on hard times. We love being of service...

There are 5 of these babies...and their mom had to relocate to a shelter. Of course we kept them fed and cared for until a new family home could be found! Sometimes single parents just need a little boost and then they can start over with their beloved pets! Thanks Hansen Grant for keeping this family safe!