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BMAR needs foster families!

BMAR is in need of foster families to help us with animals that would benefit from a foster home experience. Some of the animals that are in need of foster care may have special medical needs, be in need behavioral assistance, or be pregnant or nursing.

BMAR will work with new foster families to develop a care plan for the animal in a foster home.

It is important to note, foster families are different than our "Foster to Adopt" program and animals that are considered adoptable without special needs will not be sent into standard foster care. Many foster families have an "on-call" status with BMAR, meaning we will contact registered foster families as the need arises.

Volunteer forms and foster care applications must be filled out. Fostering animals literally saves lives and makes a huge difference in reducing overcrowding and illness at the shelter.

Please, save a life today and foster a shelter pet!