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Forest Intake Arrival - Transport

And now at BMAR!

Forest is a Kendra save... and he wound up at BMAR. I am not sure of his complete story. I think he was pulled from a high kill shelter and went to a foster home. I don't know why he had to leave his foster home and come here. I don't even know who his foster was...but they must have cared about him. Forest got here last November 2018 in the middle of a big mess up which was causing a whole lot of dogs to come here at one time. So the only place BMAR had for him was an outside run. It was clear that Forest had been in a home. He sat in his kennel run with his little Blankie that the unknown foster sent...and he was confused. He just looked around and had no idea what had happened to him. My heart just broke...I had no where else to put him. That little lop eared dog caused me much distress and heartache watching him struggle to adjust. But as always...terriers are a resilient lot and he bounced back learning his new routine with ease. As you can see from his pics...he is a happy go lucky boy. Always smiling. He is a bit dog selective and probably should not ever be around cats. A little resource guarding....he loves his toys & Forest should probably be in a one dog home with a savvy owner willing to spend time doting on this fine boy. Forest loves people, loves attention...and is happiest in the company of his favorite humans. Forest is healthy and heartworm negative. He is over 5 years old which makes him almost a senior...PLEASE do not let Forest end his days here. This happy boy really deserves to be in a home to live in luxury and be someone's special boy!

Forest could use a sponsor to help pay his way here while we try to find him the best home ever!