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The Feed Lot

FOOD DRIVE! We need food badly.

BMAR recently agreed to help out 30+ urgent rescue dogs that were in bad was an emergency and we stepped up. It used all of our reserve funds to save these abused dogs...but they needed immediate help to survive. Now we have depleted our food supply and are begging the rescue community to help! We feed 400# of dry & 10 cases of wet PER DAY! While we would like to have Diamond Naturals and other premium foods...we understand money is scarce. So we can make do (by adding supplements) to these cheaper brands...available at Tractors Supply Co. You can order online and use the Hemphill, TX store...the manager will call us to pickup. Or you can paypal a donation --both ways use our email address [email protected] OR you can use the button below for any amount! Thank you for helping us take care of rescue dogs!

Dog Kibble -

We have a generous company benefactor -that I am not allowed to name - that is selling us Super Premium Dog Food at a reduced price...VERY reduced! This is one of the most wonderful things to ever happen for our nutrition program at the rescue! This dog food kibble - can't say the name - is grain free, holistic, has our required vitamins & supplements, very high end. It sells for $55 per 28#. They are special bagging it for us in 40# bags @$12.75 plus delivery! We have to buy 80 bags at a time!

Anybody in rescue knows how important this is. Our intake dogs come in with horrible skin problems, emaciated, sensitive stomachs....all of these problems is the reason they are dumped/abandoned/abused. They can't be put on cheap dog food. We now have a constant supply of premium dog food at an affordable rate!

We need help buying this food. Can you donate? Can you donate monthly? Become a pet food angel & get your name on our angel list!

We have also been approved by R-Pal and can now buy from the food bank premium foods from from 25 cents to 45 cents a pound! We pick up in Longview!

Use this button to make a one time donation of any amount!

Use the buttons below to become a monthly donor!

This is a $13 Button that will let you buy 1 bag of dog food every month! Put the name you want listed on this site as an Angel Donor!

Name for Angel Food Sponsor

Sponsor Canned Food Once a Month for $7.99 & become a Feed Lot Angel

Name for Angel Food Sponsor



BMAR feeds over 250# per day of dry kibble. We really need help with our feeding program. So if you can spare a's the time to help out this rescue!

BMAR feeds over 10 cases of Canned Dog Food per day!

If you can't spare $13 per month for a 40# about $7..99 fora case of canned?