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It takes BIG BUCKS to run a rescue....

But you can do it for $2 or more each month! Every $2, $5.....$50....whatever you can afford will run this rescue!


The Challenge:

BMAR costs $10,000 per month to run at full capacity & that's without ANY extras!

And we can't run it without YOU!

You CAN run this rescue by giving up ONE fountain drink per MONTH!

Saving dogs & cats is our mission...we know it is yours too! We do the hands on "dirty" work and you are directly involved providing the funds for meds, treatments, care and you are making a rescue dog's dream of a forever home a reality.

We get zero government dollars. We don't have a set amount coming in on a specific day. The $2 challenge...if filled...guarantees that we can run the rescue. If we can count on $2 challenge funds every month...we can get on the ball and fund raise for extra vet work, flea pills, transport, urgent dogs, and puppy mill dogs! For every 500 people that sign up OVER the challenge (that's $1,000 in money speak) we can save as many as 10 puppy mill dogs per month!

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The Hard Part....

Getting 4500 people to donate $2 per month. We can't do it, can you? How many pet loving relatives do you have? Whether it's 1 or 100...ask them to get on board. Got an email contact list? Email them and see if any will jump on board. Post on your Facebook page, Instagram, any way you have to make it public. Beg them, we do! Everyone wants to help, but let's face it -times are tough and funds are limited. But 1 soda per month turns into $2 for us and you can be a part of removing hundreds of dogs & cats a year off the streets, getting them care, food, shelter, and a new home! Are YOU up to the $2.00 Challenge?

Look at what we do....

We change his life! He turned into a real love bug and made a beautiful and loving companion. He was adopted by Mr. Garza and is living a great life in Manvel, TX.

Life Saving Surgery!

Who does this?

Or how about the "old timers" that no one wants? They get a whole new forever life here:

Medical Problems? We take those too....

Lifers? They can't be adopted...

Bait Dog - He's sweet BUT so much damage to his face caused a Saliva Gland Problem...have to lance every 2 days and drain them...

Maximus developed a severe reaction to men in particular and anybody new. He was being trained for service and doing well...and then he saw someone and snapped...he will remain with me. He feels safe here.

He Bites...bad. He has to live with me -period. If he goes somewhere else and gets out he would be euthanized immediately. So he stays.

Princess, I don't think she can make it in a world with men.

Anything over the challenge...saves puppy mill dogs like these:

Do you know what happens to these dogs after the breeder finishes with them? Shot, drowned, head stomped in or knocked in with a hammer, very seldom are they humanely disposed of. It's ALL about the money with these type breeders. BMAR can pull these dogs, save these dogs, give them a chance to be a beloved pet for the last few years of their lives after being used for breeding factories in cages for their whole existence. We can do it with the $1 challenge! Are you up for it? We are! Sign up now...and share, share, share....everyone has a spare dollar!