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What happens to pets when their owner dies?

Sabine County does not have a shelter...we are it. It is a very sad truth but when people die, their relatives do not take care of the family pets. Here, in this rural area, they just turn them out! It's awful, it's illegal, and it's just plain wrong. A beloved pet is suddenly turned loose to fend for it's self. That pet's whole world has just died. The home it has known all it's life is now gone...the doors closed to it. When the house is sold, the new owners run it off or shoot at it. The result is scared out of their minds, abandoned, formerly loved pets...running, running.

Sometimes, people do the right thing.

She was rescued as a young dog, was well cared for and when she was 17, blind, & covered in tumors...she lost her owner. Her future would have been bleak...

BMAR was contacted. We have had her over a year. Of course she is she lives with us traveling from the farm to the center every day. Very happy, and we love her more than anything!

It's the right thing to do.

We have saved the ones we knew about....

But what about the ones we don't know about? No one tells us about them. In truth, we can't take many more because our rescue is over crowded with few adoptions.

We want to start a building fund... just for the pets of deceased owners. We want to get the word out so people can call us when owner's pass away. We want to help. Will people call? I would like to think so. We realize that the older pets or pets with problems will have to stay with us for life. But the ones that can be adopted need a place to rest and feel safe until we can get them a new owner.

Here's the shelter we hope to build. It will cost about $20,000 when it's all fitted out. It will be a safe and comforting place for scared pets. If you want to contribute and help build this for pet's in need, you can donate here for any amount.

If you want to help us take care of the rescues we already have...donate any amount here:

If you would like to become a monthly donor you can subscribe here:

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