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Crook...A Born Scrapper!

We need a lot of vet funds to get Crook ready for adoption! Our goal is $1500. If you can help, please use this donate button for Crook's fund.

Intake 11/25/16      Male German Shepherd    approximately 16 weeks old.

"Crook" arrived with mom in the back of a pick up...both in sad shape. The man that brought them didn't have his wallet, said he picked them up to keep a neighbor from shooting them for digging in the trash. Couldn't pay the surrender fee but did not know what else to do with them. BMAR was full, as usual. Crook was so severely injured with his little broken leg...

Our heartbreak continues, but what do you do? Move over, make some room and start making a difference.

Neglected, both dogs were emaciated. The thing about German Shepherds is, they have big thick coats. But those two were thin, not having had a good meal in some weeks. Don't know where the other puppies are, but if they were in that bad a shape...well, doesn't take much to wonder at their fate.

Covered in fleas & ticks and had been for some time. Roll up the sleeves and get to work. Remove as many as possible, clean the mites out of the ears and a trip to the vet. Flea pills, shots, worming, exams...etc! Now we are getting somewhere.

The prognosis on the broken leg is not good. The joint had been broken and fused back together wrong. It had been broken for awhile. Our only option is to amputate and get him a prosthesis - costly and traumatic. But we have high hopes for a good life for Crook and his mother "Chase". We need your help and we need donations for these two.

You can follow Crook's progress on this page. We will keep you updated in pics and info.

Went right to work on those ears. 

Miticide, flea & tick removal....

Got his flea pill, shots, & worming. Exam was not great news. The bones cannot be re-broken and set. The joint injury has fused over...appears that the injury happened some time ago. Amputation is advised...we have a little time to make this decision. Going to be a hard one.

5 Days Later....some improvement. He's clean, being fed several times a day and enjoys all of the attention. Of course he's confined to protect the leg...but he doesn't seem to mind. A full belly is a great remedy! You can already see the difference in less than a week.