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For the Love of Cassie....

Cassie at the shelter.....

Cassie wound up at Arlington Texas shelter and we don't know the details of how she got there. We have been told that she is HW+, unaltered, skin problems. and really nasty looking cherry eye. Her age guestimate is 2 years. That's a lot of unhappy stuff for a gal that's just 2 years on this earth...So we tagged her! Get off that old kill list. AND a whole bunch of really great people stepped right up, pitched in and made it happen! She's coming to us! Stay tuned for her freedom pictures tomorrow and keep checking in for Cassies journey!

Important to note: Cassie was on the euthanasia list and could have been killed at any moment. She was wrongly classified as a pit bull (not that we mind - we specialize in pit bulls) and she has a boat load of medical issues: 2X cherry eye, Skin problems with sores (hot spots) on both ears and several other places, she is not spayed, AND she is heartworm positive. Rescues run on donations...we don't have government funding. These type of medical issues result in astronomical chunks out of a tight budget and often we have to pass them by only because of lack of funding and NOT because we are unwilling. This rescue has great success in heartworm treatment and therapy. Skin problems? We get right on it. Mange doesn't scare us. And because we rescue a lot of abandoned hunting hounds -hog dog cast offs - cherry eye just isn't scary anymore. The point is, we can save these wonderful canines...we just lack funding. And if that's the case with us, just think how many more rescues are out there suffering from the same dilemma. It was the snowballing of the rescue "village" that saved this dog. Any ideas how we could get out of this rut and start saving hundreds? With all the other rescues willing to take this on, we could be saving thousands!

Please honor your pledges by using this button so we can keep track. These funds are going immediately to the vet! Dr. Rach will treat her nasty Cherry Eye problems, DeHart will spay her on Aug 28th, BMAR will start immediately on the heartworm and skin problems. Thanks to all for helping in Cassie's journey to freedom.

The button to the left is for Cassie's pledges only!

Thanks to everyone who pledged to save this girl!

Honored Pledges:

$50 Pat Mezeul -thanks old friend!

$25 Jessica Pitts

$200 Frank & Liddle Dog

$25 Ann Sehorn

$100 Vickie Forsberg

$40 Jodie Watt - as if transporting her the whole way wasn't enough.

     This is not a pledge, but Jodie donated $150 more for Cassie.

     Jodie, I already have the check made out to Dr. Rach for her!

$50 a3kdesign --is there a name so I can cross it off the other list?

$25 Deborah Ayers

$5 Sharon Lefkowitz

$10 Cindy Moss

$25 Carrie Johnson

$10 Debra Stanley

$10 Shannon Clegg

$10 Dollie Rhoades

$50 Rusti Gunn

$25 Pam Padilla

$10 Vicki Murley

$10 Donna Lewis

$20 Phil Guitar

$50 Marlene Kasten

$20 Lacy Wright

$10 Shannon Clegg

$10 Margie Ballew

$25 Kelly Whiteside

$25 Carrie Johnson

$25 Sally Cutter

$100 Nadine Sokalski

$10 Joshi

$5 Francine Thun

$10 Leslie Safley

$10 Debra Thelan

$70 Jan Freedy

$10 Star Shelley

$4 Barbara Vondras .

Pledges still needed:

$15 Iza Cogelja Swiecka

$20 Monica Munoz

$30 Tammy Quakenbush

$5 Jacky Contreras

$5 Sue Bodian

$10 Beth Pinkston

$25 Sally Mimi

$5 Debbie S Thornton

$10 Marchelle Marsh

$30 Laura Jean Jensen

$10 Kelly Mackey

$25 Rose Elllison

$5 Sue Bodian

Please let us know if the pledge list has errors or you have already paid your pledge!

Cassie is going to need a lot of help. She hasn't had much care in her life and BMAR is going to change all of that! Anyone wanting to contribute to her health, feed, toys, and training....please use the button to the right! Thank you for your generosity!

$50 Karen Widner and I just have to add something here. She can't afford this and I know it. Every time we are low on dog food, have a high vet bill, need something really bad because ours broke...Karen chips in. EVERY TIME. Here's what her note said: Lets give this girl a real life, pleeease, do without a few lunches. We ALL can do that. I dont have it either but i'll do without something!" Now if there ever was a rescue hero behind the scenes...Karen is it. And all I know about Karen is that her FB photos have a lot of kitten pics!

$10 Nancy Bird

Cassie OUT of shelter... and her FREEDOM ride!

Arrival Photos...

Cassie and Robert arriving in style! Robert says she is a great rider, no problems and quiet companion!

And here's CJ! A lot of fine people went in to making this happen! Particular thanks to Jodi for loaning us her husband (Robert) on their 10th anniversary! Arlington to Hemphill is a looooong trek there and back. Cassie and team are forever grateful!

We are NOT dog aggressive..very pleasant with all of the shop greeters. We also ate without fussing at those 2 tests got done immediately upon arrival with good results even if it was accidental! And cats are not a problem either...the shop cats rushed to greet her and hiss at her!

And Now We Are At The Farm!

The Ride to the Farm...long dirt roads through the deep and scary forest!

Honey, I am home!

Finally! At the farm and we are going roaming! More tomorrow! It's been a big day so we are bedding down and getting some good grub, toys, and making friends before surgery lays us low for a few days.....

Cassie's new pals

Cassie does not like cages or runs! She does not like being by herself. So, we made a temporary yard around the vet room for her...she has her own personal yard and she picked out two friends - our seniors Nasa & Sable to hang with. The seniors go into the vet room during the day to get out of the heat and Cassie will NOT go unless DRAGGED. She wants her yard! So, we put her a house on blocks beside the wash rack with a fan and she is in Cassie heaven. She is on pre-heartworm treatments, building her up so she won't have problems. Her eyes are being cleaned several times a day with topical antibiotics in preparation for her surgeries. She will be spayed on the 25th and after recovery will go on full heartworm treatment. She doesn't do well with smaller dogs, but she loves same size dogs and toys! She ignores the cats, she is working on leash training, and she loves everyone she meets after the initial barking fest for strangers. She is gradually getting over her fear of lifted objects and trusting her handlers. 

She will make a fine girl companion for someone after all of her ordeals are over -IF they have a yard!

She is not food aggressive...we feed all 3 together. They share bowls moving back and forth...go figure! I do not know why someone would have beaten this girl..she just is not a problem.

Don't freak out at the hap hazard fencing...we had to do it quickly with scavenged materials to make her happy!