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Barking Mad Animal Rescue Capital Campaign

Be a part of something incredible! You can today!

The main facility plans will provide all necessary space to provide care and maintenance for the animals. 16 kennel runs will showcase the dogs that are ready for adoption as well as house seniors. Laundry, Food Prep, vet station, dog meet & greet, senior visitation, holding & stray areas for observation, records room, and reception area. We have made modification to enlarge the vet exam into a larger full service vet room that will be open to the public Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays as well as handle all of the rescues.

This detached facility will handle our large breeds. They often arrive in poor condition and require extensive medications for mange, wounds, broken bones as well as specialized feeding formulas. Some require extensive rehabbing for aggression issues and require a longer stay. The photo is for illustration only. No chain link can be used and will be replaced with welded bar panels. Our dogs are big snd tough!v

This add on facility will be used for pregnant & nursing females as well as a safe place for puppies. Sturdy and offset, it will provide a quieter climate controlled environment to insure a good healthy start for it’s residents Special attention to detail will insure an easy to clean facility and be kept disease free.

In rare instances, certain dogs will remain with us for life. These lifers have been pulled from fighting rings and behavior traits are ingrained. While they are safe with us, they cannot be trusted in a non-secured environment. They are provided for in a secure area made as comfortable as possible where they learn to be “dogs” again.

BMAR provides free boarding for the elderly & disabled vets during hospital stays, missionaries & military deployed, people displaced by natural disasters, residents of women’s shelters, and reputable rescues that need short term holds for high risk canines.

Current facility status

Our current facilities are inadequate. They are impossible to disinfect and disease is a constant worry. Due to wanton dumping of dogs, our quarantine area is overflowing. Plumbing is an endless issue as well as waste disposal. The rescue is overpopulated and lack of space triggers constant stress for the animals. Medical treatment is performed on any surface available. We do not have a laundry, resulting in many trips to town to the laundromat. No medical exam room to screen or treat incoming animals for communicable disease. No records room. No formal meet & greet rooms causing difficulty in providing good customer service.

Dog agility courses and training aids will be in the large exercise areas.