FOOD DRIVE! BMAR needs food badly.

At Chewy.com  BMAR signed up for autoship on 5 of  these  "sale" bags for $18 each! We feed over 250# a day and thought this was a bargain! This will be delivered every week...but of course we need will need way more!   Several ways to help us feed dogs!

1. go to Chewy and have an autoship of ONE or more bags delivered to us!

2. use the button below to set up a monthly donation to us of $18 to pay for one bag!



Dog Kibble - 

Buy any brand from Tractor's Supply online with pick up at the Hemphill TX store....using our email: barkingmadanimalrescue@gmail.com

Buy any brand from Chewy.com and ship to 525 Jordan Lane  Hemphill TX 75948

or make a one time donation below!

Use this button to make a one time donation of any amount!


BMAR feeds over 250# per day of dry kibble.  

BMAR feeds over 10 cases of Canned Dog Food per day!

See below...before & after !