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BoJangle's Page

Bo Jangles was rescued by a BMAR friend when he was cast off. Still a puppy, he had horrible skin allergies that had not been treated and the result was a mass of sores. Malnourished, mistreated and all - he was a very happy boy!

He still has medical problems and is not adoptable at this time. He is in training and hopefully will begin the socialization stage of his training very soon.

He is flea free (Comfortis), wormed, & vaccinated. As always, BMAR requires a neuter contract when he becomes available!

Anyone willing to help pay for his stay? He needs a donation for a flea pill, vaccines, wormer, & food. He has extensive vet bills and is under daily treatment. If you can help, please hit the buttons!

Time at Shelter:           November 2015

Breed:                          Pit Bull

Sex:                                male

Weight:                          40+-#

Breeding:                       Intact

Location:                       Main Farm



Adoption fees range from an average of $57.50 to $500.00 for mixed breeds, designer breeds, and pure breeds. Prices are subject to change. This includes at least the first round of vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, spay/neuter, fecal, and a Veterinary wellness exam. With the increased adoption fee this helps not only save one animal but it saves the lives of so many more. It allows us to be able to lower the adoption fee on the animals that have resided at the shelter for longer than 3 months. Remember adoption is a 15 year commitment. Please adopt responsibly.

We are No Kill - Please help!

$5 Donate


$100 Donate


$25 Donate


$500 Donate


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