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Audi Intake Arrival (with his buddy Jetta)

Looking Better several weeks & lots of meds later!

Audi came in with a buddy. They were both in sad shape...but relieved to get out of the shelter where they had ZERO chance of survival. No one was going to adopt dogs that looked like this! He came to BMAR 7/8/2018...a year and a half ago! He is neutered and healthy. Audi has alopecia which means he will never grow hair back on certain places. Other than baths and sometimes a rub down with Shapley's oil..he is fine. This guy is one that grows on you. He will never be a raving beauty but he is a winsome, happy go lucky fellow that just kind of makes you smile! He is currently housed with his sidekick Jetta and we haven't had any problems with him Audi loves people and play time. Is not finicky or sensitive about what eats. At 3 years old, he has a lot of time left to love his own family,

Audi has all shots and is heartworm negative. Mange is gone, but he is very sensitive to mites so we think he should be on a flea pill every month which does double duty and kills the suckers!

Who knows what these abandoned dogs have gone through...but Audi is not one to hold a grudge! He seeks affection, loves toys and play time. Audi has never had anything of his own...and he deserves a family that sees him for the playful boy he is. Medium activity level...excellent learner!