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BMAR is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Rescue dedicated to serving the stray large dogs in Sabine County Texas and serving the community.

BMAR has NO PAID employees and the work is performed by volunteers - Your donations are crucial to the success of our rescue and are 100% used for the animals welfare & needs.

Please share this page with your friends...the shelter depends on it!

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New Years Day @ Harvest Assembly of God

Posted by [email protected] on January 1, 2017 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (29)

The BMAR staff started the New Year - First Day of the New Year - by attending Harvest Assembly of God Church. We were invited to attend this tiny church by Mr. Don Harrison, a loyal supporter of Barking Mad Animal Rescue. In December, BMAR put out a call for help in the spirit of giving for one of it's volunteers. A 13 year old boy that had volunteered last summer to clean dog kennels for 6 weeks, would be without any Christmas because of matters beyond his control.  Many members of the communtiy stepped forward to help, and help they did! Harvest Assembly of God was the only church to band together and make a member effort and because of them (and others in the community), this child had a GREAT CHRISTMAS! 

We attended church with the intentions of thanking the congregation for their generosity...instead we found friends! We were welcomed with open arms, lot's of hugging, and genuine pleasure at meeting us.  We dressed as we normally do...see the pic above. We were not looked at askance, we were just plain old welecomed! Lot's of curiosity & questions about what we do, who we are and smiles everywhere. We fit right in and sat in the front pew and enjoyed every minute of it. The service was uplifting and fun, reminding us several times that we are BLESSED! And our lesson was about Jesus and the Good Samaritans! How appropriate as I consider all of my BMAR volunteers to be Good Samaritans and I consider this congregation to be the definition of Good Samaritans as evidenced by their selfless acts of charity when called upon. We received our bible lesson in a fun and spirited sermon and were allowed to particpate.

Harvest Assembly of God is a tiny congregation consisting mostly of the elderly. There were 9 members there and our group of 5 to swell their ranks.  Too small to have a pastor, our service was conducted by LaVita Vincent who Mr. Harrison instructed me was an Evangelist. "

Mr. Harrison went on to explain: "An Evangelist is qualified to preach in relief of the pastor but she does not get paid..."  " she visits people and spends a lot of her time at the church."  How wonderful!  Being a Catholic, I am familiar with many of the different churches and their doctrines.  Attending Catholic school all my life, we were taught to respect all religions and our theology classes touched on them.  Not being very familiar with Evangelist, I had to look it up @ and here is my favorite item #8  "Works. We believe in doing good works in grateful response to our pardon, not to cause it. From our faith, acts of response will flow such as: obedience, compassion, baptism, communion, prayer, etc". I can say from experience that this tiny church practices what it preaches and actively particpates in doing good works and exhibits a monumental amount of compassion.

As BMAR is in the "business" of rescues, which = saving, we will be attending this tiny church from time to time with the express interest of "saving" the church. Rescue is the name of our game. This church and it's friendly members "saved" us today.  Each and everyone of us left with new friends, a smile on our faces, and spirited conversation in amongst ourselves about what each of us had just experienced. Isn't this what a church is supposed to do? Harvest Assembly of God changed us in ways that we can not express our gratitude enough. 

It is with great pleasure that we ask our BMAR volunteers to please attend Harvest Assembly of God's 11 AM service next Sunday! Please bring your friends and family and meet our new friends.  I know that the majority of you attend a different church, but I can't help but think God would be pleased for you to give up just one Sunday to visit our new friends at Harvest Assembly of God and show them that they do matter to this community, no matter how tiny the congregation is. We need a piano player...anyone out there willing to come play for us this Sunday? We sure could use your talents!

You are all dog rescuers...join us for together we stand.  Compassion is for all of God's creatures and we stand humbled by the generosity of this tiny congregation!

This is what we do.....

Posted by [email protected] on March 15, 2016 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (5)

Did you look at our FB posts today?


"Ms. Webb would like to keep her dog....BUT she has a nasty neighbor! She will have to put her dog up for adoption or foster. We CAN get involved here...We don't have the funds. BUT you do! I have the volunteers and the labor if YOU could donate a kennel or the funds to purchase a kennel! It's about $300 =ANYONE out there? I can transport a kennel or pen supplies, and provide the labor. She's in the Geneva area. Contact me if you have supplies at 409-45-6495 If you have money go here and donate online:

Ms. Webb is on a fixed income...she has a medical condition...she needs our help! TOGETHER WE STAND!"

This is what we stand for. This is why we need extra funds in the bank. And YES I am begging again.  With the right community support...10,000 Sabine County residents @ $1 per MONTH = RESCUE!  Come on folks, that giving up one soda per month to make this work.  We could fund the rescue. We could feed, flea, worm, vaccinate, re-train, add more facilites, AND assist our elderly & needy families with pets.

We can build kennels, repair fenced yards, take food if they are short, vaccinate yearly, assist with spay & neuterin, worm monthly....let the elderly & disabled on fixed incomes keep their pets. Help single moms have/keep a pet for their kids.  We can go feed and care for their pets if they have to stay in the hospital.  And in tragic situations, we can care & place their pets elsewhere should they pass them some kind of solace knowing that their furry friend will be cared for.

Isn't this the mission of rescues? We are not a county pound/shelter.  We don't kill animals. We are here to help. The burden on us is terrifying with out your community support. We need you. Please don't pass us by.

The Sore Subject of Donations....

Posted by [email protected] on March 13, 2016 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (2)

Donations. The plain & simple truth is that I (& my volunteers) spend a lot of time begging.  It takes a LOT of work to do the begging...those girls (& guys) are a treasure. We are not welfare people, we would NEVER beg for ourselves. It takes a LOT of pride swallowing to beg, we just aren't from a generation of beggars.  We were taught that only losers begged and we were the "can do" people. Well, we were wrong. We can take care of ourselves, but found out that there are causes worth begging for.  The cause we stand and beg for needs doing. In my county, rampant animal abuse abounds. Cruelty, starvation, dumping, torture. disrespect for life abound here and most people just accept it as a way of life. Me & my pals take a stand: THIS WAY OF LIFE IS WRONG.  When does it stop? It stops one step at a time...1 dog, 1 cat, 1 horse. We stopped passing them by on the streets. We stopped closing the door when a dumped off animal wanders off. We stopped being quiet about our neighbors starving dogs. We stopped being quiet about spaying & neutering because the good ol' boys don't approve of it. And now, after exhausting my families total resources...we BEG!

I moved to Sabine County 10 years ago. I took in every dumped dog and found them homes or repaired them and they lived their lives out on the farm. In January 2015, I opened the rescue, applied for and received BMAR's non-profit and exhausted my personal resources by June of 2015.

A call for help was answered by a group we call the BMAR Angels. Dedicated ladies that meet once a week and organize fundraisers.  In our rural area, fundraisers mean bake sales, event participation, adoption days, etc.  Posting flyers, putting out begging jars at the few businesses that will let them.  Basically working from can to can't doing hard physical labor and THEN with good humor, spiffing up and greeting the public on behalf of their dogs.

We have been largely, unsuccessful with our donation program, $200 being our largest donation.  Our sales average in the $200 range.

And then, the William's stepped in and donated more in 1 month than we have collected in a year! How can we say thank you to a couple that stepped up in such a big way? We can't and we are forever greatful.  There donation means we can get flea pills, make sure the pens are clean, buy needed equipment...the list is endless.

Let's not forget Janna's tireless participation in the SNIPS program in Jasper which netted us a large donation of dry dog food...which gave us a brief, much needed rest from scrounging.

Ms. Pat & her sister Janet, from Healthy Solutions donate a good amout every month without fail.  And if I am short of funds they often pay for my ground chicken for the dogs that have skinned problems.

Karen, donates a small amount every month.  She probably can't afford that but does it anyway.  She should be an inspiration to what you can and it makes the rescue work!

Brittney, a single mom with 3 kids, a grandmother, and a job made a donation -selflessly doing her part to make the rescue work.

My high school alumni from another era and another place have stepped up several times....thanks old pals.

Dee, from the bank, an anonymous walk in from the street, a customer that throws his change in the jar.....forever grateful to you guys.

The few that donated to a particular dog....took the time to read about the dog/cat and responded with a few bucks and an inquiry. Thanks for letting us know you kind and caring people are out there.

Kim, a sizeable donation when we needed it and it's not the first time we have received donations from Fin & Feather.

We received a couple of donations from our neighbors in Louisiana....thanks!

All of the above and more helps when we get so discourage with our endless problems.  We are keeping on and we take in everything that we can and our motto is still to save the animals!

I want each and everyone of you to know that I, personally pick up the tab when it's needed. So every single dollar that you donate goes to fund the animals care and nothing else. We are begging for the animals and hope with your continued particpation we can expand and take in more dogs & cats and find them their forever homes!

Facebook Poll

Posted by [email protected] on March 11, 2016 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (14)

Here's the poll I put on the rescue's FB pages:

Would you like to see Sabine County get more involved in Animal Abuse? Investigate Animal Cruelty? Just get Involved? Fund an Animal Shelter? Get involved and let our county officials know you are concerned!


Fund an Animal Shelter

Enforce Texas Cruelty Laws

Investigate Animal Cruelty

Ticket Offenders

Leave it alone

This poll has received very little participation and frankly, I am disappointed! This doesn't cost a dime to click on and express your views. We have 615 members on the group page alone,  721 Likes on the reg fb page, and  The Rusty Cow has over 13000 likes. To have less than 10 participants in a days time is really disheartening.

One of the poll participants, Christian Wilkerson Randolph did have something to say and I think it bears discussion on this.  Her comments were " I could only pick one, ( fund an animal shelter) But I pick all"    And she is EXACTLY RIGHT! We should have all of the options in this and every county. It starts with people getting involved and it starts with YOU!

I hope, no I know, there are people out there that care about animals but don't have the space or environment to pick them up or foster. But they (you) can do your part by donating to the rescue to maintain and expand it.  We have NO PAID employees and every dollar goes to take care of them. There are extreme cases but there are also dogs ready for adoption that just need to be maintained. BMAR can continue this work with community support.

I welcome any ideas, thoughts, advice on these posts.  I beg you to share the site link with your friends on facebook, your email contacts, and anyone you run into on the streets! LOL. We need to get the word out and to do it, we need YOU!

PLEASE get your buddies to particpate in this poll or post their thoughts on this blog...we need enough people on here that we can get our county official's attention. Sadly, with your participation they will do nothing!


Yesterday's FB Post

Posted by [email protected] on March 11, 2016 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (6)

I posted this on several facebook sites (and gofundme) for the rescue yesterday:


RAIN = FLOOD! We need several pallets of shavings @ $128 ea to dry these dogs up! Aren't there at least 128 people in this whole county that will donate $1 --you can go here & use the $1 donate button!

Rita Davis is the only one who stepped up and brought us a bag of shavings...I KNOW there are more people in Sabine County that care about our rescued dogs than just one! Together, we can make this work. I have the truck, trailer, gas, & manpower to go get them....just need the money! We are up at first light propping dog houses on blocks and drying them out....see the pic! Look how contented they are to just get in a dry house! Click the $1 button or at LEAST SHARE with your buddies so they can! Thanks to all!

Thoughts:  BMAR received very few shares & very little participation on FB.  Rita Davis got involved and made some phone calls for us.  As a result of her calling Living Earth in Pineland, we were able to negotiate a reduced purchase from them for 4 pallets that we normally pay $128 for down to $78. They had accidentally been left out and had been rained on.  The top ones will be wet, but the bottom ones will be dry enough for us to use. Thanks Rita!

BUT, not one person from Sabine County or San Augustine & Shelby counties has donated even $1 to help the rescue buy them.  I received 2 separate donations of $50 each from 2 of my high school alumni buddies in Houston & Dallas. My question is, why can't we get our own people involved? They are dealing with this problem...we are trying to help out our residents by taking in these dogs and getting them adopted out of county.  $1 ----come n guys! That's less than a soda!

This rescue needs HELP! Does anybody out there have any idea how we can get the community involved and get support?  I have the land, the volunteers and all I need is the money to maintain the ones we have and expand so we can take more off the streets! I get calls EVERY  day for dumped off strays that I can' take.  STEP UP PEOPLE!


Posted by [email protected] on March 9, 2016 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Weatherman Was Right!

Posted by [email protected] on March 9, 2016 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (1)

The weatherman nailed it! Not only did we have too much rain...we had no electricity! Trees fall in these heavy rain storms -this means we have no phone service either. Our cells run off the microcell tower which sadly goes out when the electricity is off. Heavy rains mean you don't want to get our of the house or drive, let me give you a run down of what it means to the rescue workers.

The pens flood - that's obvious. We have dog houses propped up on timbers and blocks.....BUT when it gets too deep, we trench.  Our ditches fill up with everyday wear, so we take the shovels and start digging.  Why don't we do it in advance? The ground is too darn hard.  So we trench in the rain. We use flashilights and trench several times a night as each rain band come wailing through.  We use tons of dry shavings in the houses to keep everyone a dry place to bed down. Need lots of shavings...which is why we beg for them on facebook. We live in wet boots - just can't keep them dry...wet clothes and blisterd hands. BUT the dogs are kept dry and comfy.

We clean the pens daily...but you still have floating dog poop! Yuk! And in the morning, well everything needs cleaning, drying for the daily morning feeding!  Let's give Tina a big hand...she does a great job!


Posted by [email protected] on March 8, 2016 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (0)

It will be raining all week!  

This means we will need a LOT of shavings to dry the dogs out and Tina will be working her butt off! A pallet costs us $128. Can you guys help on this one?  If you can please donate a few bucks by going here:

You can donate as little as $1   ---thanks guys!

Topics YOU Want to talk about

Posted by [email protected] on March 8, 2016 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (1)

This new blog is for community involvement.  BMAR is interested in what YOU have to say. Please send your topics and what you have to say to me at [email protected] and I will open the discussion right here!  Tell me if you want your name on it or if you want an alias to be used!  The more you particpate, the more BMAR moves up in the ratings...this way you can help us get the word out! BMAR needs you to get involved....a BIG THANKS to all of you who step up!


Pooh Bear aka "Sadie" -back home!

Posted by [email protected] on March 8, 2016 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (20)

Good News!  Pooh Bear has been re-untied with her owner.....none other than David West! He was alerted by someone who saw our facebook post and came running!  Her name is Sadie! She was very happy to see her human and David reports that she is back home and settled in!  Thanks to all who share our fb posts and pay attention!