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Anabelle Intake Arrival - Stray

Looking Better a few weeks Later!

May 2020... a real beauty!

Annabelle has the typical East Rural Texas care neglect and instead of spending money to keep fleas off her...just drive to a back road and dump her out. She wandered up to an rv park...and was very much NOT wanted. With no animal control or shelter in the whole county...the options are a bullet!

BMAR was happy to take in this little girl with sores all over her...dejected....confused because people were shooing her away and not feeding her. She was so tired, so hungry...painful sores...out in the weather. She responded immediately to thankful for a meal and some meds that offered relief! Annabelle thrived...she got better.

Even from the very start this lovely girl was so friendly! Craved attention...sought out human contact. She has never stopped smiling. And she bloomed into a the most beautiful mahogany girl you could ever want. She is dog friendly and will make a fine companion.

Annabelle is a young adult, an easy keeper and one of the friendliest girls we know! She has enough energy to be fun but is in no way hyper. Just the best girl ever. Our best guess (and the vets too) is a labrador and pointer mix! You really should make this fantastic girl a member of your family!