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AK Rottie Mix Boy --7 years

HCAS Intake photos....

Dejected Little Fellow....

Neglected Shape...

But what happened to make him give up?

A transport pic...he was tagged by another rescue & went there first... a few pics there

Don't know what happened at his first rescue...he was transferred to BMAR and the reason listed was medical needs. Ak hadn't improved much from his intake pics....

Now At BMAR....look below!

Except of the occasional eye booger.... looks pretty good, huh?

When AK first got here, he was pretty upset, a little growly & definitely reactive to new humans. I guess that is why the other rescue wouldn't keep him. He decompressed slowly... AK arrived here July 2019 and he was a mess. Still had the vestiges of kennel cough I guess he contracted at the shelter and was heartworm positive (he is still on slow kill method). Both eyes were still infected but cleared up with Terramycin.

After settling down, AK was never resistant to medications. We informed him of what we wanted to do and he cooperated. He does like treats and we were not above bribery. Ak is a smart boy...he decided he like the attention and we were all buds. Ample food supply helped too! Ak eats well, is not sensitive or allergic to anything.

Not barrier reactive and shows no animosity to other dogs...he is a rescue of unknown prior acts but he is a very good boy here. AK likes walks, likes attention. He is in an outside run but has been inside and crated fine.

We sure wish he had a couch & a lap to lay his head on.....

Adoption Fee: $250

UTD on vaccines, hw positive on slow kill method, neutered.