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Advertise online on our pages! BMAR gets a LOT of traffic! You can boost your business & support your rescue -it's win, win!

1. Our Header AD! $100 per month or save $200 by paying for the whole year -$1000. This ad will appear on every page!

2. Two spots available at the bottom (of every page) for $75 per month or $750 per year! Save $150!

3. Side bar ads - you pick your page!

    Homeroom page: $50/month

    Facts page:           $25/month

    Canines:                $50/month

    On Hold:                $40/month

    Adopted:               $25/month

    Spend Money:       $25/month

    Shelter Items:        $40/month

    Donation Page:     $40/month

    Goodies:               $25/month

Prices are dictated according to page traffic!

We can link to your website! Click on YOUR ad and go straight to you!

Don't have an ad? We can design one for you! Will do it for free...but please make a donation to BMAR for our ad services!

BMAR attends many local festivals and produces fundraisers several times a month. For a fee, we can hand out your business cards, flyers, etc. in our goodie bags and inform people that YOU & YOUR Business supports this rescue! You would be surprised at the animal lovers out there that will call you just because you are an animal's a culture folks!

We will be happy to talk to you about putting you on our BMAR flyers distributed at our many fundraising events... You can pick a single event OR you can be added to our permanent flyers. We print 1000 at a time - limited space on those.

For $10 per month, we can rotate your ad into our Facebook posts....we have a lot of traffic! All the pages combined have 15000 likes!