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Spay & Neuter for Pet's Sake!

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Mary Jane

The following new additions are available for us for more info!

My name is Coney... I was born in March of 2016 and was rescued by BMAR and went to the farm. I have my shots and yukky wormer. I am on a flea program too! I hung out in the barn for a month to make sure I wouldn't get sick! CJ played with me a lot and took me for rides on the 4 wheeler. I get along real good with other dogs...but when I tried to play with that old Tom Cat he slapped me and I got real scared. I will be good at your home...I won't get real big! One of my parents was a wire haired terrier so I have some real neat whiskers. Sometimes they made my mohawk stick up with icky stuff and I had a lot of fun riding around.

Terrier    Mix approx 8 months   Female/spayed

Medium          Tan wire haired Mix

Hi! I am "Shaggy Dog" caretaker Tina likes Game of Thrones so she named me after her favorite dog! When I was rescued I got to stay in the RV with my Tina so I wouldn't get sick. I have all of my shots now and got some really yukky wormer. Tina kept all the fleas off of me and taught me to go outside and potty! I like toys and playing. I am a wired haired terrier mix and I won't get much bigger so I would make a great house dog for someone with a little bit of help. I was probably born in March of this year. If you want to know more about me, call Ms. Tina at the rescue!

Female/Intact Age: Less than 1 year

Black Wire Hair Mix Medium Size

My name is Little Boogie. I was dropped off in the woods and fostered by JR for BMAR. She made sure I got all of my shots & worm meds. I also got all of the fleas off me...whew, what a relief! I got to live in the house with all of Ms. JR's cats and I had a great time. I can be crated, I can use potty paper, & I can tell you when I need to go outside! I like toys, cats, & people! I won't get very big 'cause one of my parents was a wienie dog and the other one was a small terrier. If you come see me at BMAR, I am the one with the purple harness on!

I am Amber...I am a very pretty "former" hunting dog. I am a young girl & I have all that I need to go to a great home with lots of room to roam! I need a really good fenced yard to play in and lots of toys to keep me occupied. I love people and always want to be with them. I get along with other dogs and could use a good friend to stay with. I was in really bad shape when BMAR rescued me...but I turned around really fast proving that I am an easy keeper! The BMAR folks always tell me what beautiful freckles I have! Don't you need a lot of freckles in your family? I am the girl for you

My name is Bandit! I was dumped on BMAR when I was a little bitty puppy. I had a foster home for awhile but the lady moved away. I am big now... I love car rides, I love fetch, I love kids, and I am housebroke. I am great in the house and as friendly as I am...I make a darn good watch dog! I have been "fixed" and even though it was makes me ready to go home with you. Despite my size, I am a very easy keeper and won't cause you any problems!

My name is Princess. I am a middle aged German Shepherd mix female. I am very shy and scared of most people. It takes me a really long time to get to know people. I am considered a special needs girl and need just the right female home to go to. I can't be with other small dogs or I need my own human all to myself. It saved my life going to BMAR No-Kill rescue...cause those folks took all the time I needed to become my friends! When I trust you, I am very sweet and like good pettings and brushings. I would make a good companion dog and will live at your feet! I have all the vet work I need and am ready to go with the right that you? Do you have what it takes to be my friend?

To see Hope's the button!‚Äč

A Story of Hope

Titus...German Shepherd Male born 2/14/16. AKC registered. Must be neutered...he has an appointment. Up to date on vaccinations, heartworm, and worming program. $500 adoption fee. Great out going young male and very smart! Ready for the right home to protect and play with a new family! Posted Nov 2, 2016.