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The Unsinkable 3 --Simba, Scout, Sully

Available* Adoption Fee $250. Fully Vetted!

There was a fellow that passed away...he had over 70 dogs. No one knew! He & his dogs lived in squalor, seriously very bad conditions. The dogs were feral and had no vetting. They were wild and scared. Someone came in and took everything of value. But there could not have been much. All the dogs were left behind. A few kind souls began to trap dogs and find places of refuge. These puppies along with many others made their way to BMAR to be taught about the life a family do could comfort & safety. We have made them safe from disease, safe from loss (chipped), neutered, and on monthly health preventions. They are wonderful, silly babies and they need a family! You can email me: [email protected] or text/call 409-457-6495 and apply!

*Adoption policies: Our policies are strict. Please read BEFORE applying!

Dogs may not wear a pinch, choke, or shock collar. These may only be used under the care of an approved trainer for very limited time.

A leash is required when dog is taken in public areas and anytime not in a fenced enclosure.

The dog may NOT be sold, given to, transferred, or adopted to anyone else whether individual, organization, or shelter/rescue.

Should you no longer be able to care for or keep your companion animal, it must be returned to BMAR.

Dogs shall be kept inside as family members & properly trained to be such. The dog shall not be kept outside while owner is away. Refer to actual contract for particulars.

Must have fenced exceptions.

Dog must have annual vaccinations. Dogs must be kept on monthly heartworm prevention and flea program.

Dogs will not ride in the back of a pick up truck.

Home checks may be made at any reasonable time.

References will be checked.

For a complete copy of the adoption contract and/or to start the process please call or email.

Adoption Fees are not to be confused with purchase/sellers fees. The dog will remain under the care of the rescue for the life of the dog.