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About Us

Barking Mad Animal Rescue was incorporated in December of 2014 and received it's IRS letter of determination. From 2006 to 2014 BMAR operated as a private rescue.

BMAR is a "No-Kill" animal rescue serving Sabine County Texas. Currently, Sabine County does not have an animal shelter or SPCA operating within it's boundaries. This leaves the county's animals in dire straights: neglected, dumped off, and animal cruelty is ignored due to lack of funding and/or knowledge of problems. We hope to serve the animals of Sabine County by bringing change and education to the community.

BMAR is funded by the Badger family and donations -receiving no government funding or assistance.

BMAR has no paid employees and is run by volunteers.

The rescue is located on a 25 acre farm in the Sabine National Forest. An "out of the way" dog friendly environment, the farm allows us to house multiple dogs and other animals without bothering neighbors. The ample space allows us to exercise and socialize the large breed dogs and let them romp!

Adoptions are by appointment so that we can insure the animals safety and yours!

BMAR not only houses and cares for a multitude of animals, but we also donate food, meds, and various supplies to needy families enabling them to keep their pets. BMAR provides drive by feeding and care for the elderly during hospital visits and when needed. BMAR participates in community activities and actively promotes pet adoptions at community events.

BMAR intervenes and brings awareness to animal cruelty and abuse whenever necessary and is at the forefront of pushing awareness of the problem in our county.

Mailing Address is the Rescue Farm: 525 Jordan Lane Hemphill, TX 75948

Adoption Center: 685 Mann St Hemphill, TX. 75948 is open by appointment.