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Barking Mad Animal Rescue

Together, Let’s Adopt a Pet

A rescued dog, is a good dog.

Dogs, Dogs, & More Dogs

welcome to

Barking Mad Animal Rescue

Where the unwanted become the wanted!  Where dogs like Hope...have none. And then...a new look, a new life, a new family!

BMAR takes the unwanted, the problem dogs, the dogs nobody wants. Kindness, medical needs, attention & care shows in every fat, happy, shiny dog here.

BMAR re-works problem dogs and gives them a chance.

 Many rescue dogs reside here and are available now! 

BMAR also has a sanctuary & hospice facility where seniors and medical needs dogs are safe and loved.

Pet Adoption

Healthy, happy, friendly dogs are all waiting to join your family!

Choose yours now!

See them now

Senior/Hospice Sanctuary

Every dog deserves safety and a place to hang their hairs forever...BMAR is there for them!

Visit them here!

Special Needs

Dog Selective, People Selective.

Rescue Transfers, Trainers, & One dog homes!

Browse Here!

Find Out Your Companion On Pet Shelter.

1 (800) 555-4231

Barking Mad Animal Rescue

 525 Jordan lane, Hemphill TX 75948

[email protected]

1 (409) 457-6495


> Pet Adoption

> Sanctuary

> Hospice

Social Media

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